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These wireless headphones look and feel like they belong in the 21st century.

These headphones are totally wireless. Plus they look, feel, and sound great.
These headphones are totally wireless. Plus they look, feel, and sound great.
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Personal electronics are looking more and more like the shiny future we’ve been promised. Wireless devices are a big part of it. The fewer wires cluttering up our lives, the more things start to feel like the 21st century.

These wireless headphones from TRNDlabs look like something you’d find in Spock’s glovebox. The sleek, wire-free design looks great on anybody. Plus they pack great sound, long battery life, among other goodies. And right now, you can get a set of TRNDlabs Ventura Headphones for just $69 at Cult of Mac Deals.

These headphones sport Bluetooth 4.0, with 40 millimeter drivers for long range listening and great fidelity. They feature black-on-black design with leather, with an adjustable band that makes it super comfortable. Accented with chrome round out a properly futuristic look. Onboard buttons mean full track and call control. Additionally, they’ll last a full 10 hours on a single charge. Plus they work with any outfit, whether you dress for the century or not.

Buy now: Get a set of Ventura Headphones from TRNDlabs for $69. That’s 30 percent off the usual price.

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