Gotham: season 5 renewal sounding likely

Gotham, Fox’s beloved Batman prequel series and ratings shirker, might not be as close to cancellation as previously thought.

Fox Chairman Gary Newman rolled up to the Innovative TV Conference in Jerusalem this week to chat about his renewal feels for a bunch of shows with ‘issues’, and Gotham ended up coming out of it pretty well compared to other bubble-dwellers like The Last Man On Earth and The Exorcist.

“We asked a lot of [Gotham] this year moving to Thursday nights and I thought it did a pretty good job of opening up that night for us,” he mused. “I feel like Gotham should have a place in our schedule.”

Newman went on to warn that a season 5 renewal for the series will “purely be a matter of scheduling. Thursday is not available in the fall, so where do we use it?” but that “Hopefully there’s more years of Gotham.”

Bear in mind that no final decision has been made about the future of Gotham as of yet, but we’ve been crunching a few numbers here at Geek Towers, and we’ve made an awful mess. There are bits of numbers everywhere – in our keyboards, in our hair. Maybe we should just look at the data with our eyes next time instead.

Anyway, yes, Gotham isn’t at its most fabulous – in terms of ratings, at least – right now. Last week’s episode had the season’s lowest yet, at 2.4m viewers. That’s down substantially from the season 4 premiere, which scored a decent 3.2m. However, it’s still getting an 0.7 share of the coveted 18-49 bracket in its time slot, and we would argue that ain’t bad.

Consider The CW’s Supernatural, if you will. A show that has been running for 13 long seasons now. A show that has killed off and resurrected its protagonists so many times that even the core group of Cylons from Moore’s Battlestar are rolling their eyes at the effort. A show that is having a Scooby-Doo animated crossover this season, such is the level of nihilism over at the writers’ room. Supernatural is getting fewer viewers than Gotham, at around 1.6m a pop.

So we think…we think it’s still got a chance, but we’ll find out for certain before the end of May, and let you know either way.

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