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Infinity War Stars Respond to Directors’ Plea For No Spoilers

Some cast members of Avengers: Infinity War respond to the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign that directors Joe and Anthony Russo launched to combat any spoilers hitting the web before the film is officially out in theaters. Dubbed the culmination of everything that has transpired in the MCU for the last 10 years, Avengers 3 and its untitled sequel are ensemble spectacles for the franchise. Featuring several dozen characters all coming together to fight galactic super villain Thanos, Earth’s Mightiest Heroes will be up for their most dangerous mission yet – to make sure the Mad Titan, or his minions, don’t get their hands on the six Infinity Stones.

As the filmmakers and stars of the much-anticipated blockbuster are all geared up to start their global, multi-city press tour, the prospect of spoilers surfacing online is feared by many. That’s why, earlier today, the Russo Brothers personally sent out a message to fans and press who will cover Infinity War in the next several weeks to maintain the film’s secrecy until it’s ready to publicly roll out. While the film will not be screened in its entirety before its Los Angeles premiere on April 23 to prevent leaks, the duo still asked for the cooperation of those who will be attending. Fans have been understanding, but some of the movie’s cast members have responded interestingly to the plea.

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Mainly taking to Twitter, the likes of Robert Downey Jr., Tom Holland, and Jeremy Renner responded to the #ThanosDemandsYourSilence campaign. Surprisingly, RDJ, who has been mostly playful with his social media posts (remember the back-and-forth that announced Infinity War‘s new April release?) was pretty straightforward, saying he trusts everyone can keep a secret. Things turn quite interesting however when it comes to Holland’s and Renner’s. The former hilariously said that the letter was initially addressed to him, considering how he easily slips up with giving out spoilers during press tours. The latter, meanwhile, basically just shrugged off the letter because he “know[s] nothing” – an obvious jab at the lack of Hawkeye in any of the marketing for the film. Check out their tweets below:

Other actors who have responded via Instagram are Elizabeth Olsen, who reposted the now viral photo, and Sebastian Stan, who teased “exciting things to come” in an Instagram Story along with the photo. Fans, on the other hand, back up the campaign – especially those who may not have the chance to attend any of the early screenings. Ironically, while everyone was pretty motivated to track down the secrets of Infinity War – dissecting trailers and relentlessly theorizing where the Soul Stone is – now that the film is just weeks away from debut, people are making the effort to know as little as possible going into their respective showings.

Avengers: Infinity War is an anomalous movie in a sense that while people are clamoring to know what happens in it, they’re also terrified of how it’ll shake-up the MCU. Deaths are imminent, and they can be permanent this time, especially for Phase 1 actors’ characters such as RDJ’s Tony Stark/Iron Man, Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers/Captain America and Chris Hemsworth’s Thor. The film sets up what will be the bookend to the 22-film arc that the franchise has been following since 2008 with the promise that things will be very different once the mysterious Phase 4 rolls around.


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