Turns out the Gremlins reboot is still happening

Here’s a cheery story for a lunchtime: remember all that talk about a new take on Gremlins? It’s a story that’s bumbled on and off during most of the time we’ve been doing this site. And now? It looks like it’s actually moving forward.

Er, hurray!

Chris Columbus, who wrote the first movie, has given an update to Metro in America on this one, and he confirmed “Gremlins, we are actively talking about that”. Columbus is unlikely to direct, given that he’s next to helm the Five Night At Freddy’s movie (we dearly hope they write ‘from the director of Home Alone’ on the poster). But his production company – 1492 Pictures – is overseeing the new project.

“It will almost definitely be a reboot”, he also said.

Columbus also penned the original The Goonies, but he added that plans for The Goonies 2 look like they’ve petered out. “That’s a difficult one”, he admitted. “Only because all of the actors have gotten older and chosen different careers. So that’s a little more difficult”.

There’s no timescale yet on the new Gremlins movie. Just remember the golden rule of the internet, though: never shoot the messenger [runs for cover]…


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