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There’s just no stopping Black Panther. Though it was always expected to do well, it’s fair to say that no one could have predicted the phenomenal success this latest entry in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has achieved. And now, on the back of an endless stream of record breakagesBlack Panther has just earned itself another huge honor: It’s officially the fifth highest-grossing superhero movie ever made.

Tuesday’s box office take saw the film claw its way to $1.108 billion worldwide, which means it’s now surpassed the box office gross of The Dark Knight Rises to nestle in at fifth place on the superhero movie scoreboard. What’s more, is that with Black Panther replacing the DC threequel from Christopher Nolan, all five of the highest-grossing comic book films now come from Marvel Studios. Ryan Coogler’s masterpiece joins The Avengers, Avengers: Age of Ultron, Iron Man 3 and Captain America: Civil War (from first place to fourth).

Not only that, but this new accolade pushes Black Panther onto the table of the top 20 biggest movies (of any genre) of all time, as well. It’s currently sitting at number 19, in between James Bond film Skyfall and Transformers: Age of Extinction, the fourth entry in the franchise. We wouldn’t bet against it rising up a few more places before its theatrical run’s out, either.

This all comes on the back of a less-than-stellar reception in the lucrative Chinese market. Black Panther has been the victim of some highly critical reviews from audiences in that region, likely due to the lack of exposure to African culture in the country. Nevertheless, it still managed a pretty darn impressive $60 million opening in China, making it one of the most successful Marvel movies ever in the territory.

Of course, the next record for Black Panther to break is one held by The Avengers, which is still the biggest Marvel Studios film ever, with a worldwide gross of $1.51 billion. Whether T’Challa can claw his way up to that level remains to be seen, but whatever ends up happening, it’s been one hell of a theatrical run for the King of Wakanda!

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Black Panther, Entertainment, movies, News

Black Panther is, in every sense of the word, a triumph for Marvel Studios. It’s been blessed with an overwhelmingly positive response from both critics and fans and it’s continually earning more and more more at the box office – it might even beat out The Avengers to become the biggest MCU movie of the lot in terms of domestic gross.

Sure, part of Black Panther’s success is because it’s an entertaining and crowd-pleasing addition to an already beloved franchise. But it’s also, so far, the only film out of the current superhero trend with a black lead and cast, and it really gets to grips with the themes of black identity. Alongside its talk of vibranium and heart-shaped herbs, it sensitively explores race relations in America, and the effects of colonialism.

Black Panther has remained in the conversation because it’s a fresh and unique voice within the current crop of caped crusaders, and now, with all the success it’s been seeing, many are starting to wonder what its chances at some Oscar gold may be. Granted, any awards talk is still a long, long ways away, and with the vasty majority of 2018 still ahead of us, the pic will no doubt face some stiff competition. But when all is said and done, and the year comes to a close, it could be in a good position to pick up a few accolades.

At the very least, Disney is going to be doing everything they can to make sure of that. Though it’s only February, Deadline reports that the studio is already planning to make a big push complete with a full awards campaign. That means they’re gunning for a Best Picture nod at the Academy Awards, something no other superhero movie has achieved before. Whether they’ll get one or not obviously remains to be seen, but there are definitely several other categories it can receive some attention in.

From cinematography to costume/production design and even score, Black Panther is a strong candidate for a number of technical nods at the Oscars, and with any luck, maybe even Chadwick Boseman or Michael B. Jordan will see some love. Then again, like we said before, there are still a ton of movies coming down the pipeline in 2018 and though Marvel’s latest is one of the best of the year right now, who knows how things will look come December. Not to mention that while it’s dominating all conversation at the moment, that’ll surely die down soon.

Even if it doesn’t end up with any Oscar gold though, no one can deny what a smashing success Black Panther has been and given how well crafted and executed it is, we’ve got nothing but a huge smile on our face as we watch it continue to claw its way to box office glory.

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Black Panther, Entertainment, Movie News

Early concept art for Black Panther offers a look at a more streamlined version of T’Challa’s suit. Starring Chadwick Boseman as the titular character, Marvel’s latest critical and box office hit boasts a cast of largely Black actors. Set in the fictional African nation of Wakanda, the film directed by Ryan Coogler brilliantly marries political and familial story beats with the usual superhero tropes.

With Black Panther now a few weeks out, folks behind the film have been opening up on the process of creating the film. The design elements in the film, from massive set pieces set in Wakanda, to the characters’ costumes, everything was given ample thought and attention. However, one of the most important costumes that Marvel Studios worked on was the final design of the Black Panther suit considering that it will be associated with the superhero moving forward. So far we’ve seen several iterations of the suit illustrating how particular Marvel Studios had been in bringing their newest superhero to life.

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Shared by concept artist Jerad S. Marantz on his official Instagram account, the illustrations give us some alternatives to the final suit we saw in Black Panther. The creator briefly worked on the film under the tutelage of Marvel Studios Head of Visual Development Ryan Meinerding. While the half mask looked nifty, it would’ve been too similar to Batman’s (Marantz also worked on some concept pieces for the Caped Crusader’s suit in Justice League) – something Coogler didn’t want, which is also why he passed on giving him a cape. Check out the images below:

The early concept art looks slick and more streamlined, which would’ve bode well with T’Challa’s mentality of blending in. However, for some reason, the lesser details make this version of the suit more prominent, with the various color grading, change in texture and eye-grabbing material. The necklace, which was supposed to be worn daily, is a bit clunky for normal use. The final suit, despite it being more detailed, was very subtle, with several small features that weren’t easily noticeable. As the artist said, this was mainly to see what they could’ve done using fabric alone, perhaps this iteration could work as an alternative tactical suit, sans the necklace.

It’s unclear if we’ll see different versions of the Black Panther suit moving forward, similar to how Tony Stark tweaked and upgraded his Iron Man suit over the years. With Shuri relentless in pushing the boundaries when it comes to the tech of the costume, it’s definitely a possibility. However, given the historical and familial elements tied to T’Challa’s suit, creating a new one for every film could undermine its importance, especially if there are a dozen more versions lying around that anyone can pick up and put on.

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Source: Jerad S. Marantz/Instagram 1, 2, 3

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Black Panther, Entertainment, movies, News

To date, only four films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe have managed to cross $900 million worldwide, and they’re as follows: The Avengers ($1.52 billion), Age of Ultron ($1.4 billion), Iron Man 3 ($1.2 billion) and Captain America: Civil War ($1.15 billion). It’s a tough club to break into, to be sure, but those four movies might just find themselves in the company of another by the day’s end.

Yes, we’re talking about Black Panther, Marvel’s latest home run, which now sits at $897.7 million, with $501 million coming in domestically and $396.6 million arriving from overseas. There’s no need to tell you how impressive that is, but what’s most exciting about this is that it all but ensures that T’Challa’s first standalone outing will break the $1 billion worldwide mark.

Sure, it’s still got some ways to go, but it’s only been out three weeks and hasn’t opened in China yet. While it’s true that the Middle Kingdom could be a tricky market to crack for superhero pics, Ryan Coogler’s spinoff is riding a large enough wave right now that we imagine it’ll still pull in a healthy sum over there. There’s also the fact that Black Panther is still doing respectable box office business in North America, finishing this past weekend in the #1 spot again with $65.7 million.

In other words, T’Challa is well on his way to the $1 billion worldwide club, where he’ll join the likes of heavy hitters such as AvatarTitanicThe Last JediJurassic WorldFurious 7 and more. Not bad for what was arguably a B, maybe even C list comic book hero before his introduction in 2016’s Civil War, eh?

How much higher Black Panther will climb remains to be seen, and while it’s unlikely that it’ll end up passing The Avengers‘ whopping $1.5 billion gross, a finish over $1 billion would still be absolutely tremendous and is more than enough to ensure that the character has a very, very bright future ahead of him in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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Black Panther, Entertainment, movies, News, The Dark Knight Rises

Black Panther is undoubtedly Wakanda’s greatest export – with Vibranium being a close second, of course.

Since its North American debut on February 16th, the standalone Marvel movie has carved out its own place in box office history – you can thank Black Panther‘s meteoric four-day weekend for that. To date, Ryan Coogler’s Afrocentric adventure has racked up an enormous $786 million worldwide, and we know North American ticket sales account for $451 million of that impressive total.

That means the spinoff is now ahead of The Dark Knight Rises at the domestic box office. Yup, after blowing right past Captain America: Civil War ($408M) and Iron Man 3 ($409M), Black Panther has become one of NA’s highest-grossing superhero movies ever, clawing its way ahead of Rises‘ $448M take and now within reaching distance of Age of Ultron ($458M). And after that? Well, there’s still The Dark Knight ($534M) and, of course, The Avengers at $623 million.

Whether T’Challa’s first standalone outing will be able to take down either – or both – of those pics remains to be seen, but at this point, we’d say that it’s not outside the realm of possibility. At the very least, if things keep up the way they’re going, it might just inch ahead of Christopher Nolan’s 2008 epic.

Even if it doesn’t, though, it’s almost a guarantee now that Ryan Coogler’s spinoff will break the $1 billion mark worldwide when all’s said and done, and that’s mighty impressive. At this point, no one can deny what a smashing success Black Panther has been and given how well crafted and executed it is, we’ve got nothing but a huge smile on our face as we watch it claw its way to box office glory.

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Black Panther, Entertainment, Movie News, Wonder Woman

Black Panther continues to best other superhero films, passing Wonder Woman at the domestic box office and Suicide Squad globally. Despite everything from The Hunger Games to Frozen proving women-led films were box office goldmines, it wasn’t until Wonder Woman surprised everyone last year that studios seemed to perk up. Similarly, from Blade to the Fast & Furious franchise, films showcasing people of color in the lead bring more people (and money) to theaters. It’s for that reason theater owners have been demanding more diversity in movies for years, and Black Panther once again proves how effective they are.

Every day seems to bring news of a new record Black Panther has broken as it continues to climb the box office charts. Yesterday, we learned Black Panther is now the MCU’s third-highest earner at the domestic box office. By this weekend, Black Panther will have passed Avengers: Age of Ultron ($459M) to become the second highest-grossing MCU film ever domestically behind only The Avengers ($623.4M). In the meantime, the film has now surpassed a pair of DC Comics adaptations in the U.S. and worldwide, respectively.

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Exhibitor Relations is reporting that Black Panther brought in another $10M at the domestic box office Tuesday for a total of $421M, which puts it past Wonder Woman‘s final haul of $412.6M. That also places it above all other DCEU films at home, and after only 12 days in theaters. Worldwide, the movie now stands at $748M, eclipsing Suicide Squad ($746.8M) and approaching the top DCEU films Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice ($873.6M) and Wonder Woman ($821.8M).

Wonder Woman trenches Black Panther Passes Wonder Woman at U.S. Box Office

Black Panther should easily pass Wonder Woman globally this weekend, and Batman v Superman will meet the same fate soon as well. In terms of the MCU, Black Panther is the eighth-highest worldwide but will jump up at least one place this weekend. If estimates hold and it breaks $1 billion, then only The Avengers ($1,518.8B), Avengers: Age of Ultron ($1,405.4B), Iron Man 3 ($1,214.8B), and Captain America: Civil War ($1,153.3B) will be above it.

Black Panther set a new February IMAX record as well, as select scenes were specially formatted for IMAX. Given the scope of Wakanda, it’s no wonder so many fans have wanted to witness the film in the large format. And with Black Panther beating Deadpool‘s previous February opening record, the film further proves that movies outside of the traditional summer and holiday windows can pull in big money. As Marvel expands their output and even Fox is aiming for 3 Marvel films a year, spring and fall releases will allow blockbusters more room to breathe.

All things considered, Black Panther isn’t alone in shaping the future of tentpole cinema – but it certainly marks a turning point.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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Black Panther, Entertainment, movies, News, The Avengers

The sky’s the limit when it comes to Ryan Coogler’s Black Panther, and we can’t wait to see how high it ends up soaring.

Leading up to February 16th, the pic started to establish itself as the must-see movie of year – second only to Avengers: Infinity War, of course. Box office projections were quickly adjusted, and though Black Panther became shackled with a great deal of expectation, the Afrocentric epic delivered the goods. And then some.

After scoring the best Tuesday ever for a Marvel Cinematic Universe film, the spinoff then clinched the best Wednesday as well, surpassing The Avengers‘ original record. Whedon’s blockbuster pulled in $13.6 million a few years back but Coogler’s film managed to collect $14.5 million.

Now, T’Challa has done it again, clawing his way to a massive Thursday night to knock Earth’s Mightiest Heroes from their perch. While the aforementioned 2012 blockbuster did $12.4 million on its first Thursday, Black Panther easily climbed higher than that, earning $14.3 million.

That brings its domestic total to $292 million, which is quite a bit higher than what The Avengers had at this point in its theatrical run ($270 million). It also means the MCU’s latest effort now has a worldwide haul of $505.8 million under its belt. Crazy, right?

That’s a staggering amount of money for any movie, let alone one based on a character who was only introduced pretty briefly back in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War and before then, was a B, maybe even C-list hero in the comic books. But I guess it just goes to show what a wonderful job Ryan Coogler and co. did that the spinoff is resonating so well with people.

And even if it doesn’t end up passing The Avengers when all is said and done (though it probably will domestically, at least) no one can deny what a tremendous success Black Panther has been. Wakanda forever, indeed.

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Black Panther, Entertainment, movies, News

Black Panther mania has swept the nation – nay the world – and we couldn’t be happier about it.

Leading up to February 16th, the Ryan Coogler-directed pic started to establish itself as the must-see movie of year – second only to Avengers: Infinity War, of course. Box office projections were quickly adjusted, and though Black Panther became shackled with a great deal of expectation, the Afrocentric epic delivered the goods. And then some.

It’s arguably one of the most accomplished MCU efforts to date (and that’s really saying something), with a nuanced and, crucially, believable villain set against the lush realm of the fictional nation of Wakanda. And sure enough, the franchise’s stars are all digging it.

Just the other day, we heard from Chris Pratt, with the actor sharing that he absolutely loved what Coogler and co. had put together, while Chris Hemsworth also chimed in to tell us that he was blown away by the movie. Now, another one of Chadwick Boseman’s colleagues is here to weigh in: Tom Holland.

The actor, who made his MCU debut alongside the Black Panther star back in Captain America: Civil War, took to Twitter this week to share his thoughts on the movie. Obviously, he loved it, calling it a game changer and encouraging everyone to go out and see it.

Yo @chadwickboseman what a film mate, you absolutely crush. Congratulations on changing the game and making history. If you haven’t already do yourself a favour and go see @theblackpanther #wakandaforever

Black Panther banner

Holland’s hit the nail on the head here with his comments. Black Panther really does feel more like a pent-up cultural movement than your average installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. At this point, it’s become something more than just a film. More than just another superhero movie. And more than just another big budget blockbuster.

It also flies in the face of the outdated Hollywood logic that a film featuring a predominantly black cast won’t sell. Because with its wonderfully diverse cast and crew, Black Panther has “obliterated expectations” and hopped straight into the Hollywood history books, where it’ll likely remain for a long, long time.

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Black Panther, Entertainment, Movie News

Black Panther is essentially guaranteed to pass $500 million at the worldwide box office before the end of the day. We’ve been doing our best to keep track of all the records Black Panther has broken, but new ones arrive every day. Along with the nearly unmeasurable social media buzz the film has had and the Black Panther Challenge campaign that has encouraged people around the world to buy tickets for underprivileged fans, even the more tactile milestones for the movie have been impressive.

Black Panther burst onto the scene with the fifth-biggest opening of all time and the second for the MCU, just behind 2012’s The AvengersBlack Panther set a new February record as well, besting previous record holder Deadpool. The $201 million head start the film got in its domestic debut has helped the movie continue to earn new accolades each day, and the global haul for Marvel’s latest tentpole is still ballooning. Now, the most recent numbers have the movie setting another record and hitting half a billion.

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Exhibitor Relations has the latest numbers for Black Panther, reporting that the film earned $14.5 million yesterday. That makes it the MCU’s highest Wednesday earning, topping the record held by The Avengers ($13.6M). The global total for Black Panther currently sits at $491M, meaning it will also break the $500 million mark at the worldwide box office today.

Casino Black Panther Black Panther to Pass $500 Million at Global Box Office Today

The Wednesday numbers aren’t a huge surprise considering how the rest of the week has gone for the film. Thanks to Presidents Day, Black Panther broke the Monday box office record previously held by Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Even without a holiday, the film did well on Tuesday, where Black Panther topped The Avengers for that day as well.

Black Panther still has a ways to go to become the MCU’s all time top-grosser, as The Avengers still holds the number one spot with an impressive $1.5 billion global total. Still, if Black Panther can clear a billion it will enter the MCU’s top 5, and become the only solo debut film to accomplish that feat. What’s more, it would be Marvel’s only MCU film to cross the one billion mark without including Tony Stark. With the future of the MCU unclear after Phase 3, T’Challa may just be the leader the shared universe needs – and Black Panther may become the franchise at the front of Marvel Studios.

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Source: Exhibitor Relations

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After fans had been complaining for years that the Marvel Cinematic Universe rarely gave us a good villain, the past few MCU movies have served up some consistently great ones – Homecoming’s Vulture and Thor: Ragnarok‘s Hela. Thankfully, we can now add Michael B. Jordan’s Killmonger to the list, too, as he’s arguably the most fleshed out and layered antagonist the franchise has had since Loki.

As those who’ve seen the film will know, the hot-headed nemesis of Black Panther holds a grudge against T’Challa because of the actions of his late father, T’Chaka. It’s a deeply compelling arc by any stretch, but unfortunately, it looks like he’s a one-and-done character as Jordan’s villain dies in battle with T’Challa at the end of the movie.

Considering how good he is, though, we really hope they find a way to resurrect him. After all, vibranium has so many amazing properties and we know it can heal people, so maybe it’s not too far-fetched to think he might return? What’s more, there’s even a comic book precedent for it – as Killmonger has been revived after death a few times on the page.

According to director Ryan Coogler though, we shouldn’t hold our breath for that to happen. The filmmaker recently spoke with Empire and explained why he felt the need to kill the character off, saying that there’s just no way him and T’Challa could co-exist.

“That wasn’t something that we went back and forth on. His end was the same as draft one that it was in the film. Just because the idea was that these two things can’t coexist; if T’Challa and him… you know, that was a great tragedy of it for T’Challa, I think. But Killmonger was too far gone.”

What the director says here makes sense, but again, if this really is it for Michael B. Jordan in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, that’d be a great shame. Not only is he a tremendous young actor, but his villain was one of the franchise’s best to date and will probably remain as such for some time to come. But like Coogler mentions, he was way too far gone and simply can’t co-exist with T’Challa.

Black Panther is now playing across screens near and far – just don’t be fooled into thinking that we’ve seen the last of Wakanda. Between talk of a direct sequel and Avengers: Infinity War, Marvel’s fictional utopia is about to become a familiar destination for moviegoers in 2018 and beyond.

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