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Best Workouts for Toning Butt, Thigh & StomachCurvy and toned body shape gives us a perfect and attractive look. Every one of us is not blessed with God gifted curvy figure but nothing to worry about it. There are some effective workouts that can turn your figure in a perfect shape. So try this butt, thighs, and stomach toning workouts and turn your dream in to live.

Stop doing workout practices which only works on mussels of your body. You cannot shape up yourself this way. A curvy butt, toned stomach, and firm thighs all together make a perfect figure. So these should be your primary focus area in order to get a perfect curvy look.

Practice the different workouts forms mentioned in this article which can reduce extra fat from your stomach, thigh, and buttock. So you don’t need to do three different workouts for toning these three different parts of your body. The single workout is good for shaping up your stomach, thigh, and buttock.

9 Best Workouts for Toning Butt, Thigh & Stomach

butt, thigh and stomach workout

Practice these best 9 workout forms to balance and figure out your lower part of the body. Start with one-time practice in a day and gradually increase up to two to three times in a day. These are sure-fire ways to firming and toning your butt, thighs, and stomach. Practice them every day to experience a drastic change in your figure.

The Tabletop Hip Dip Workout:

Hip Dip WorkoutTry the tabletop hip dip workout as this single workout form throws its equal effort on butt, thighs, and stomach at a time for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its process mentioned below.


  • At first, sit on the floor with bent knees and flexed feet by keeping your hip stretch.
  • Take your hands back and keep place your fingertips on the ground facing inside.
  • Now with the help of your hand and heels push yourself up to make a parallel position to the ground.
  • Twist your hip to the left side, stay in this position for few seconds and then again get back to the tabletop position.
  • Again repeat this action to the right side. Every time give pressure on your glutes for the movement not on your hips.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Side Lunge Side Crunch Workout:

Side Lunge Side Crunch WorkoutTry the side lunge side crunch workout as it can balance your butt, thighs, and stomach by throwing its equal effort at a time for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its method mentioned below.


  • At first, stand up with your feet and take a wide position with your left leg and keep you both hands folded and touched to your head.
  • Keeping the left leg straight position, bend your right knee and push back your hip backside.
  • Now cross your right leg in the front position by bending your right knee.
  • Do side crunch by lowering your shoulder towards left. Stay in this position for few seconds. Now get back to the straight position.
  • Repeat the same action with left leg, this time keep your right leg straight.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Cross Leg Sit-Up Workout:

Try the cross leg sit-up workout for boosting your butt, thighs, and stomach at a time and for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its process mentioned below.


  • At first, sit down on the floor with an extended leg and keep your hands straight, palms should face each other.
  • Now cross the right leg on top of the left leg pointing the toes of your left leg.
  • Make a 45-degree angle by hinging your abs backward.
  • In the sit-up position lift the right leg to reach your arms towards the right thigh.
  • Get back to your initial position by putting down your leg. Keep your abs tight throughout this workout.
  • Repeat the same action with your left leg.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Plank Heel Push Workout:

Plank Heel Push WorkoutThe curvy and perfect shape of the body is the dream of every woman but extra fat and calories in our body make us shapeless. Especially when you carry extra fat in your butt, thighs, and stomach. Try the plank heel push workout as it will work effectively with these three primary body parts which together give a perfect figure to you.


  • Take a push up position by keeping your forearms on the floor.
  • By turning the heel inside the body bend your left leg.
  • Press the knees together by squeezing your thighs.
  • Move your left leg towards the ceiling and keep it at six inches height on the right leg.
  • Now put down your left knee and squeeze the thighs.
  • Repeat the same action again with your right leg.

Do this workout practice every day without any break for getting toned buttock, thighs and stomach.

The Rear Raise & Hip Circle Workout:

If you are planning to shape up your body then you need to focus on your lower part of the body which starts from your stomach. As this lower area of our body plays a major role in shaping up our figure. So stop practicing workouts that only focus on decreasing mussels. Try this rear raise & hip circle workout to tone your buttock, thighs, and stomach and experience the drastic change in your figure.


  • At, first stand on the right leg and keep your hands behind in a clapping position.
  • Push the left leg behind you by keeping your body in straight position.
  • Turn your left knee and bring it to your front position. Remember keeps your abs stable throughout the workout.
  • Make a big circle with your left leg and keep your upper body straight.
  • Now push back your left leg behind your body and maintain a distance from the floor. If needed you can touch a little bit to the ground with the foot for maintaining the balance of your body.
  • Repeat the same action with your right leg.

This is a perfect exercise for toning your buttock, thighs, and stomach. Practice it daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes and get a perfect shape within few weeks.

The Side Plank Rainbow Workout:

Side Plank Rainbow WorkoutAnother workout which is effective in shaping your buttock, thighs, and stomach is the side plank rainbow. Try this workout form and shape your body into a perfect figure. You only need to have an open space in order to practice it even there is no requirement for an workout equipment to do this.


  • Take a side plank position by leaning your body on left forearm and elbow.
  • Turn your right hand behind your head. Move your right leg in the top position.
  • Now slowly bring your right leg down to form a rainbow by tapping the foot to the floor.
  • Bring your leg back and keep it above the hip and tap the floor slowly behind your lower leg.
  • Repeat the same action with your left leg.

Do this workout form practice every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes and tone your buttock, thighs, and stomach within few weeks.

The Front Lunge Workout:

Front Lunge WorkoutA perfect shape needs proper care and attention otherwise it cannot be maintained as we ages. So like other parts of your body you need to give special care to your figure also otherwise, it will not take long to turn you shapeless and full of mussels.

A front lunge workout is an easy form of exercise which you can practice daily at your home only. So now shape up your buttock, thighs, and stomach without joining any gym or training center. Its steps are mentioned below.


  • At first, take a splitting position by forwarding your right leg and keep your left leg behind.
  • Bend down your knees until you get a perfect right angle by both the legs.
  • Now push yourself to take a straight position by putting your weight on the knee.
  • Maintain your back in the straight position throughout this workout also make sure that your knee doesn’t go above your toes.
  • Repeat the same action with the leg.

This workout form emphasizes the lower part of your body so you can easily get a firm stomach, curvy butt, and toned thigh by practicing it on daily basis at least for 15 to 20 minutes without any break.

The Rear Lunge Cross Crunch Workout:

Rear Lunge Cross CrunchAnother form of workout that is effective on your buttock, thighs, and stomach is rear lunge cross crunch. Forget the days when you have to make tough efforts for toning your different body mussels. Now a single concentration on a single workout is enough to get your perfect curve.

This workout form increases your body metabolism activity hence it helps in burning extra fat as well as extra calories of your body. The best part is that you don’t have to make many sacrifices in your regular diet habit while practicing it. Just stick with the consistency of daily practice and experience a beautiful change in your body figure. Just follow the below-mentioned steps of this workout.


  • At first, stand up on the floor by both feet and keep your hand behind the head in clap position.
  • Now put your right leg behind into the rear lounge and twist the upper part of your body in the cross crunch position.
  • Bring your right rib across the left hip.
  • Stay in this position for few seconds and again get back to your initial position.
  • Repeat the same course of action with your left leg.

Do this workout practice every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a toned buttock, thighs, and stomach within the few weeks.

The Squat Workout Form:

Squat Workout FormSquat form is another workout that throws its primary effort on your buttock, thighs, and stomach. This is quite easy to practice so every morning or evening fix a time for your workout and practice it. Within few weeks you can see that your butt, thigh, and stomach are getting into perfect firm and shape.

Follow these below-mentioned steps of the squat workout form and get the perfect figure.


  • At first stand with your feet by keeping your shoulder apart.
  • Keep your hands down to your side and stretched it on your front side for getting a balance for your body.
  • Now bend your knees down to form a perfect right angle shape.
  • Maintain your thighs position parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your back in straight position throughout this workout also look that your knees don’t get extended over the toes.

Anyone who is willing to tone up their lower part of the body will find it best and comfortable workout. Practice the squat workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes without any break for the best result.

All the workout forms which are mentioned in this article are best one for shaping and toning buttock, thighs and stomach. So stop looking for separate exercises for your lower body parts as these simple workouts are enough to tone your lower body alone.

One thing you should remember always that nothing can happen within a day or few weeks. It is your regular effort and patience towards your goal that makes your way easy and your target achievable. Be patient and consistent, you will surely achieve your goal.

Extra mussels in our body especially in lower part turns us into shapeless and makes it difficult for us to wear our favorite outfits. Apply our butt, thighs, and stomach toning workouts and with the regular effort, you will surely become able to dress up yourself in your desired outfits. The best part of these workouts is that you don’t need to carry any workout equipment. So you can practice these any time, any where as per your convenience.

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Are you planning to lose your overweight in this winterAre you planning to lose your overweight in this winter? Are you confused about the way to lose weight over winter? If your answer is yes, then this is the right platform for you. Read this article until the end and get some effective tips to lose weight over the winter.

The cold and clumsy weather makes us lazy and we even find it difficult to get out of our bed. Even in this lethargic period, you can fulfill your dream to lose fat from your body. At the beginning of New Year, all of us take some resolution. Some of us decide to quit from our bad habits, some of us decide to concentrate on our study whereas some of us decide to lose the weight of our body.

As the days go we forget about our resolution and again starts following our old habit and way of living. But this year it is not going to happen. Yes, you heard absolutely right. You are going to lose your weight in this winter season only. Just follow our tips and make your dream accomplished without giving any pain or trouble to yourself.

12 Top Tips to Lose Weight Over the Winter:

We all want a perfect shape and size of our body but overweight issue makes our way difficult to look perfect. If you are also suffering from this issue then be relaxed, my dear friend. Here we have enlisted best tips to lose extra weight during this winter season.

Include Soups in Your Diet:

Soups are good for our overall health in every possible way. If you are on your diet plan in this winter then include one bowl of soup in your breakfast. This is a healthy food and also helps in losing extra fat from your body.

Make sure your soup is made of veggie products as these are low calorie containing foods. You can have a veggie soup of bottle gourd, tomato, onion, boiled corn, peas, spinach etc. It will be good for your health and side by side will also help in reducing overweight.

For adding more taste and spice to your soup you can add red chilies, red and white pepper etc. Now you don’t have to compromise with your taste even if you are on diet. So lose extra fat of your body along with enjoying your dieting time

Include Fruits in Your Diet:

Fruits in Your Diet

Though you are on your dieting plan along with that you have to take care of your overall health so that it doesn’t get deteriorated. So you have to be very choosy while preparing your diet chart for losing weight over winter.

Eat seasonal fresh fruits every day as these will not increase the fat of your body but will keep you energetic throughout the day. This will also obstruct yours overeating habit as your stomach will feel full all the time.

You can eat a guava, pomegranate, fresh apples, pineapple, and papaya. As you are in your diet plan so your body needs extra energy as you have cut the regular doses of your main meal and these fresh fruits will fulfill this requirement of your body.

Eat Sprouts:

Eat SproutsYou can include sprouts of moth chana, moong etc. in your diet plan as these are a good source of minerals and vitamins that your body needs at this point of time. Dieting especially in winter season needs special care to your body otherwise if you get weaker you may easily get trapped by seasonal fevers and other allergies.

So your body needs vitamins and minerals otherwise you cannot stick to your diet plan for a longer time and will give up soon. You can take one hand full of gram or moong in a bowel and leave it overnight in the water. Next morning eat the fresh sprouts and stay fit and energetic throughout the day.

Exercise Every day:


Do exercise every day without any break as this will primarily help in reducing extra fat from your body. During winter it seems difficult to wake up in the morning for exercise practices. But as you are stick to lose weight over the winter you have to wake up on time.

Morning weathers are favorable for the workout practices. So set an alarm and be ready for the daily workout. There are so many workout forms which are mainly for reducing overweight from the body. Select one or two forms of them and practice every morning and evening.

You can take the help of YouTube in this regard. There are more than hundred forms of workouts videos are there focusing on decreasing extra fat of your body on YouTube. Select any one or two forms and practice them every day. When you do exercise the metabolism function of your body works faster and this indirectly reduces extra fats and calories in your body.



fitness fundas joggingMake a habit of morning jogging if you are planning to lose weight over winter. Along with keeping your body fit it also reduces extra calories from your body and hence helps in decreasing overweight. You need not to be faster while doing it. Take slow moves as this way you can cross long distances without getting tired.

Many of us have the misconception that jogging practice is difficult during the cold weather but this is absolutely a myth. The fact is that it’s been difficult to do jogging in hot and warm weather as you sweat easily and get tired too. Whereas you get warms up with a small mile walk in winter without getting tired.

So get ready with your jogging plan by today itself. Wear your sports shoe and track pant and be prepared to cross the miles. Also, it is been seen that people walking on snowy and foggy weathers walk faster than a person walking in summer’s hot weather.

This is an easy practice and way of losing extra fat from your body. Also, it increases blood circulation of your body which obstructs the accumulation of extra fat in your body. Morning fresh air is good for your overall health so you get benefited many ways out of the daily jogging practice.

Drink More Water:


Because of cold weather, most of us don’t drink lots of water. Some of us hardly drink two glasses of water in the whole day. If you are also one of these people then change your habit as this can a barrier to your weight loss plan over winter.

Add extra glasses of water in your everyday diet chart as this will guard your body to get dehydrated also it increases the efficiency of the intestine system in your body. Otherwise in the lack of necessary amount of water in the body the excretion process of the body get hampered and disturbed. This way you cannot lose your weight over winter.

Apart from water, you can also eat watery fruits like cucumber, pineapple etc. These fluid intakes will not let your body to get dehydrated. You can drink hot water also as this is helpful for reducing overweight of the body.

Also, the habit of drinking more water keeps your stomach full every time and this saves you from eating untimely snacks in a day. This is a healthy way of cutting extra meal eating habit. Drink water before your meal as it burns your hunger naturally without affecting your health.

Stick With Your Plan:

It is been said that a well-made planning is equal to half of the whole work completion. Means if your planning is strong and well prepared then you are not far from reaching your target or aim. The same thing is applicable for your extra weight loss plan over winter.

Be sure and stick with our winter diet plan otherwise a halfhearted start of dieting plan will be worthless. Maintain the same rhythm since beginning to till the end then only you can be successful to lose extra fat or calories from your body.

Sun Exposure:

Young woman applying sunscreen on her shoulder while sitting on the beach

The sun’s UV rays are not only a source of vitamin D; it is beneficial for your body and mind in several ways. It is been scientifically proved that sun exposure is good for weight loss. That is why morning walks are very important for every person who is willing to lose overweight.

In the winter season you will not get sun heat in every morning but around daytime, after 10 a.m. you can go out for sun walk. This is an easy way to boost your mind as well as your whole body. Sun exposure burns your appetite naturally by making your stomach feel as full. So automatically it reduces your hunger for more food.

It also enhances your energy level which is very important for you as you are in the dieting period. So warm you up with little bit sun exposure and lose your weight over the winter.

Never Skip Your Meal:

small mealIf you think that with keeping your stomach empty you can lose your weight then this is absolutely your misconception. In fact, empty stomach causes to put on extra fat in the body. So never skip your meal at all. Take your meal on time every day along with other diet plan and lose your weight drastically in this winter season only.

Eat less but take small -small mills throughout the day. Never keeps your stomach empty for a longer time. You can have some healthy snacks in between the big meals as these will keep your energy level on pick and will not let you feel tired or weak even after a long exercise practice.

Add Proteins to Your Food:

Protein rich foods like Mmeat, fish, nuts and som evegetablesAdd food items that are rich in protein, in your daily diet chart as because these food items are quite heavy and can satisfy the hunger of your stomach quickly. So it will burn your hunger for frequents snacks and fast foods.

If you have decided to lose your weight over winter then start eating protein-rich diet every day. Though protein increases your body mass along with that it can burn your frequent appetite by keeping your stomach full for longer time. You have to be smart while choosing protein-rich food for you. Remember it should not be fat containing otherwise it can increase your weight.

Choose Carb Diet Smartly:

carbs for healthy weightAdd carb diets in your diet chart but you have to be very smart while selecting them. Don’t have these carb intakes more than a limit as it can cause to increase fat in your body. It should be in a limited quantity so that it won’t increase extra weight.

Winter is a beautiful season of the year and lethargic too. The weather makes us lazy so you have to be very smart while preparing the diet chart for losing your weight within this season. As you are doing lots of workout practices so your body needs necessary amount of calories as you lose calorie from your body while doing a workout.

Carb diets fulfill the needs of the calorie of your body. You can have pasta, bread, dairy products, rice, beans etc. once you are finished with your daily workout practice. This can help you to reduce weight over winter without making you weaker and energyless.

Give Massage to Your Body:

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

A good and an expert massage diminish extra mussels of your body. You can take the help of experts in this regard or can go to a massage parlor where you can get an expertise massage for reducing extra fat of your body.

A half hour of massage is enough to warm up your mind and make you fresh. Especially in the winter time when your body gets rough and itchy, massage helps in toning your body and also makes you energetic by increasing the blood circulation of your body. Include this easy tip to lose extra weight of your body over the winter season.

Apply all these simple and effective tips in this winter season and notice the changes in your body mass. We are sure that our tips to lose weight over the winter are surely going to decrease your weight without hampering your overall health.

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Best Cardio Workouts Without EquipmentWorkouts are one of the most effective ways to keep our body healthy and away from chronic diseases just like cardio or heart problems. Who doesn’t want to live a normal life but this really seems to be very difficult if you are arrested with a critical health problem. There are some cardio workouts doable without equipment.

As these workouts can be practiced without any need for equipment so you can try it at your home only. This saves your time and effort for going to a Gym. Not only that you get equal health benefits even without using an equipment.

Cardio is getting become a common health problem nowadays and it is not limited to aged people now. Even youngsters are found to be affected by it. It needed to maintain regular medication in order to avoid any further complication but along with taking medication, you can help yourself for living a normal life by starting a workout session.

Start doing workouts as a fixed part of your everyday routine. Workouts without equipment are best for you as per your health condition. It will increase your heart pumping rate and also check your cholesterol level and will help in balancing it.

Best Home Cardio Workouts without Equipment:

Below we have mentioned some best cardio workouts which you can practice without any equipment and in your home place. These workouts are favorable for your heart health as these help in reducing extra fat of your body and burns extra calories.

The Mountain Climbers Workout:

Mountain Climbers WorkoutIf you are a cardio patient then you must try this climbers workout. It will boost your heart health and for the overall body fitness also it is quite good. Hand, shoulder, leg all these body parts needed to be involved in this workout session.

It enhances your heart rate and keeps you energized throughout the day. There is no requirement for any equipment for this workout. Only you need a plain floor and good strength wrist.


  • First, take the push-up position on the floor and keep one of your feet on the upward side close to your hand.
  • Make sure that your shoulder and hips are stick to the same line throughout the workout session.
  • Now with the use of core moves your extended foot towards your hand and repeat the same action with the other foot. This seems like the running on the mountain.
  • Repeat this action at least for 15 minutes with the same rhythm.

You can add the steps of mountain workout with other cardio workout sessions also for getting the better and mix benefit out of it. As this workout helps in raising the heart rate along with giving strength and support in the core so must be practiced by any cardio patient after consulting with the specialized doctors.

The Burpees Workout:

Burpees WorkoutCardio unrest and complications occur due to extra calories in your body. The Burpees workout helps to reduce the extra amount of calorie and let you live a healthy and energetic life.

You need to possess a very good expertize in a workout for doing the Burpees. Also, buy a good quality of exercise shoes for the smooth practice. Though this workout process is a little bit tough so you need to be determined otherwise you cannot go on the long run.


  • At first, do squats.
  • Jump by your feet to the plank position.
  • Jump down and stand up.
  • Or one can step the foot back in the place of jumping.
  • And at the end of the workout jump up.
  • Push up can also be an add-on step.

Though this workout is very tough to execute if you successfully manage to do this then it’s quite good for your heart health. It can burn more than 100 calories just within 10 minutes of practice.

The Jump Rope Workout:

Jump Rope Workout

Another workout that is good for cardio health and can be done without any exercise equipment is this jumping on rope workout. What you need to have in order to start this workout is just a skipping rope.

You don’t need to spend money like other workouts in Gym. This is a cost-cutting workout along with extensive health benefit. Go in an open place like a park and practice it for at least 20 minutes.


  • At first hold, the jumping rope handles by both of your hands.
  • Turn the rope in circulating motion and jump over each circle.
  • Repeat this action at least for 100 to 200 times.

The jump rope workout is quite easy to practice and anyone can do it without any tough effort. It can burn more than 200 calories if you do this work out for 20 minutes.

There are many variations exist in jump rope exercise. You can try all of these so that you don’t get bored and stick with it for a long time. You can do cross over legs jumping, jumping with one foot, back jumping, front jumping etc. Go slowly on jumps as if you will fast over ropes then you cannot stick on it for a long time.

The Squat Jump Workout:

Squat JumpAnyone can try the squat jump workout as it is very easy to do. It’s good for your cardio and overall health. The jumping step in this workout process increases your heart rate, side by sideburns your calorie and strengthen your body mussels.

You need to have a good quality of sports shoes, strong and healthy knees and one open space for practicing it. You can practice this at least for few minutes also along with your daily other cardio exercises like jogging, skipping etc. It will be a surplus for you and will improve your heart health.


  • At first, make a squat position for practicing the squat jump workout.
  • Now jump as high as you can. Make sure you have to jump at the same height every time. So accordingly pick your jumping height.
  • Get back to your position again and take the squat form.

This workout is good for your heart health but remembers you need to possess a strong heart for the regular practice of this exercise. Also, remember to do soft landing otherwise it can cause wounds to your knee.

Many variations are available in this workout. You can practice any one of it as per your suitability. Some of them are frog jump workout, prisoner squat jump etc. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes every day for the best result.

Jogging at a Place:

 Jogging at a Place

Jogging at a fixed place in the stationary form is quite good for your cardio health. It doesn’t require any equipment to do this exercise practice. Just you need to have a good spots shoes and sturdy floor for practicing it.

You need to maintain an equal rhythm while doing it as like outdoor jogging you don’t need to move from here to there. The regular practice helps in increasing your heart rate and warms you up. This is quite simple to do so anyone who is looking for a cardio workout without equipment will find it easy to do.


  • Stand on a sturdy ground like a stationary.
  • Do jogging movements without actually moving forward to your legs.
  • Be steady in this workout and repeat this action for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can mix up this workout steps with other cardio workouts for making it more interesting and effective one. You can include rope jump, marching, step touch, jogging etc.

The best part of this workout is that it can be practiced in your home only. You don’t need to go outside or in any gym for practicing it. It strengthens your feet also so you get dual benefit out of it.

The Jumping Jack Workout:

Jumping Jack WorkoutThe jumping jack workout is one of the best cardio workouts without any equipment. This is easy to process and quite good for your heart health. Apart from the heart it also strengthens to your other body parts also which are involved in this workout process like your leg and hand.

You do not need to possess any special skill or equipment in order to do this workout practice. Only 10 minutes practice can burn approx. 100 calories of your body. The basic requirement to start this workout is a good quality of sports shoes, sturdy floor, and strong heart condition to bear the jump heights.


  • At first, keep your legs in wide position and keep your hands in straight position.
  • Now jump by your feet and keep circuiting your hand whenever you jump.
  • Repeat this jumping and hand circulating action for at least ten minutes for the effective result.

For making your workout practice more enjoyable and engaging you can add some other variations also such as step your feet out in the place of jumping in the air, pushup jacks, plyo-jacks etc.

The Bear Crawls Workout:

Bear Crawls WorkoutThe bear crawls workout strengthens your heart condition so this is considered as one of the best cardio workouts without equipment. This is a high-intensity exercise. Though it is tough to perform it if we get consistent with it then we can easily do its steps without any special effort.

The push-up position increases your heart rate and helps to burn excess calories from your body. A cardio patient should remain very attentive regarding their weigh as extra fat causes problem to their heart. This workout helps in balancing your overall weight.


  • At first, take the squatting position on the floor.
  • Keep your hand outside to take pushup form.
  • Now stand up just like a bear.

Repeat this workout steps for 10 to 15 minutes every day for boosting your heart health. This workout comes up with other variations like pushup on knees, keep your knees down while crawling, do it without pushup form.

The HIIT Workout:

HIIT Workout

As the HIIT workout doesn’t require any equipment to practice it so as per your convenience do it anywhere. The primary focus of HIIT workout to manage lower part of the body. At least 30 minutes everyday workout can burn extra fat in your thighs and buttocks.

The HIIT is an abbreviation of High Intensity of Interval Training which helps in burning extra fat from your body especially from the lower body part and strengthens to your heart condition. It warms up your cardio health. Initially, you might face little bit difficulty in performing it but after some time you get comfortable with it.


  • Do squatting on the floor.
  • Kick your leg in upward motion.
  • Repeat the same action with your other leg. This exercise helps in toning your buttock and thighs.

This Pilates combo workout increases your heart pumping rate within few days of practicing it. Lots of variations exist in this form of workout. Also, you can add this workout in your daily workout session along with other cardio workouts like jogging, rope jump, butt-kicking, warrior stretch, jumping jacks etc.

If you are suffering from cardio or heart unrest then your body definitely needs a health-supporting workout for keeping you energizing and improving your cardio health condition. You can take help from youtube videos in this regard.

There are thousands of different workout session videos are available in youtube. Pick any one of them as per your health condition which can directly affect your heart and can help to improve it. You can add different-different forms of workout in this so that your cardio exercise session would not be boring in the lack of variations.

No doubt your heart is one of the most important and tender parts of your whole body. If it is suspected with any medical default then you cannot ignore it at all as it can be life threatening too. As a cardio patient, you cannot lift heavy weight like workout equipment or anything which carries good weight as it can directly hamper your heart.

So practice these cardio workouts doable without equipment and improve your heart health naturally. Always consult with the cardiologist before practicing any workout as they can guide you better in this context that which forms of workout will be good for you as per your current heart status.

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Diet & Fitness, health, how to lose weight, lose weight, walking to lose weight, ways to lose weight, weight, Weightloss

Do you want to look perfect in shape and figure and tired of applying weight loss tips? Don’t be worried, my dear friend. You have absolutely visited the right place now. Read this article to know some sure-fire ways to lose weight which will work for you beyond your imagination.

We all dream to be in a perfect shape so that we don’t have to be ashamed in parties or in public places. Overweight is a common issue nowadays by which every second person is suffering. There is no hamper in gaining little bit weight but sometimes our weight makes us shapeless.

Gaining regular weight not only destroys our shape and size but it also hampers our self-confidence. Regular practice of exercises in home or gym not only makes us fit and healthy but also it decreases our weight without letting us know.

Overweight becomes a big concern of health when it takes the form of obesity. Once you become overweight it causes many other diseases which will destroy your normal life. Here we have discussed some effective tips that will help you to get into shape.

Best Ten Tips to Lose Weight

Sure Fire Way To Lose WeightWe all want to look pretty and in proper shape so that we can look presentable and attractive. But heavyweight issue breaks our dream absolutely by making us shapeless due to overweight. Below are enlisted best tips for losing weight.

Less Sleep in Night

It is seen that people who sleep less in night mean four to five hour max. or there is break in sleep like in between sleeping time people awake and then sleep again after one or two hours, they generally gain weight more than the people who have slept for 7 hours without any break in between

If you are willing to lose weight in early possible time, then try to sleep on time and at least for seven hours in the night. This healthy practice will not only help you in losing weight but it will also protect you against many other severe diseases.

Gaining overweight not only makes us shapeless but it also gives an invitation to many major problems that can disturb our life fully. Little bit changes in our daily routine may help us to have a healthy sleep in the night so that we can wake up next day with high energy to start our day with a clean and energetic mind.

Workout or Exercise

Workout or ExerciseWorkout or Exercise is one of the most fruitful and result oriented sure fire ways to get into shape as per our desire and the best part of it exists in the fact that you don’t have to face any side effect. So for positive result make a practice of daily exercise.

Just 12 minutes workout in a day is enough to burn extra fat. There are many workout types, choose anyone for you or you can ask your trainer if you have joined any professional workout institution for getting a quick result.

Daily practice of workout will make your body more elastic and energetic and will prepare you to do your day to day work with more enthusiasm without feeling tiredness. Generally, it is seen that our overweight issue makes us very lazy. This totally hampers our normal life. So get rid out of your overweight with regular exercise.

We all want to look pretty and in perfect shape so that we can wear clothes and apparels that we wish to wear. But gaining regular weight breaks our dream, makes us feel neglected or indifferent from inside. This simply breaks your confidence. Do workout every day to get perfect shape naturally and gain back your confidence.

Don’t Make Changes in Diet in a day

Don’t Make Changes in Diet in a dayWhatever you are eating in your everyday life, before starting your dieting prepare a chart for it. It is suggested that don’t stop eating your pre dieting meals in just one day only. Go slowly for better response.

Start leaving your pre dieting meal slowly and gradually as if you will stop your previous diet in one day it may affect your health. Also, it might be possible within few days of dieting you lose your enthusiasm and start following your old diet.

Prepare a chart for a daily balanced diet which will include less fatty foods and juices. It will protect and maintain your energy as it is, without letting you gain extra calorie and fat. When you will be totally accustomed to this new daily diet routine then stop totally your old daily diets.

Drink Extra Glass of Water

Water is Good for YouWater is good for our health and fitness in every possible way. If you are willing to lose your weight then start drinking extra glasses of water. Just before the half to one hour of your meal drink two to three glasses of water. It will suppress your hunger naturally.

When you drink water before your meal, it sends a signal to your mind that your stomach is full and it doesn’t need food now. This is a natural hunger-suppressing method that can help you a lot in your dieting period and hence enable you to lose weight rapidly.

Water fills your stomach naturally and without any pain of having meal late. Water is good for preventing other major health-related problems also, moreover, it helps to enhance our beauty too. Within few days of practicing this habit, you will be accustomed to drinking extra water.

Avoid Some Foods

Some foods are full of fat and calorie which can easily increase your weight. Avoid all these food items as because these are the biggest barrier for you to get into shape. Don’t have junk food or chocolates or drinks that are full of fat and sugar.

Make a balanced diet chart which includes fresh fruits, juices, and low-fat food items. Eat fruit or veggie salad before your meal. It will fill your stomach fully and apart from keeping you energetic and healthy it will also suppress your hunger to have an extra meal.

Never think to skip your breakfast. Also, take little meals of low-fat items in the whole day. Losing overweight methods should not make you weak or tired. So always apply this healthy routine of the meal but keep yourself far from food items which are full of fat.

Also, a long gap between your meal times will cause you to get extra calories because of this time gap between two meals. So it’s better to have few small less fatty meals to fill this gap. This will also help you in reducing extra or unwanted fat.

Green Tea

Benefits of Green tea consumption are numerous that’s why it is suggested to drink in many major diseases. It’s good for health and people who are in dieting can drink it for three to four times in a day. It helps a lot in burning extra fat plus will keep you energetic.

Green tea leaves are quite good for health and have no side effects. People who have taken this drink on daily basis during their dieting period have observed fastest and better result than those who don’t drink green tea.

Sip a cup of green tea before your meal; it will help in delaying your daily meal as you will feel that your stomach is full. Also, it will help in reducing the dosage of meals as indirectly it cuts the dosage of your daily meal which you used to take before starting your dieting process by suppressing hunger.

Eat Low Carb Diet

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Include the food items that are low in carb in your daily meal as it will drastically reduce your extra fat. It works in the much more effective way with the comparison to avoiding fatty foods. It is observed in last few years that those who have tried fat-free foods have lost less weight than those who have tried low carb foods.

One can enjoy having all kind of meals when using low carb as their diet. So there is no fear of sacrificing your favorite meal. Along with bringing you in the proper shape it also doesn’t burn your taste buds.

Some low carb foods include- All sorts of tea, ginger or herbal tea,veggie juices, coconut oil, olive oil, avocado oil, ghee n butter, walnuts, almonds, cashews nuts, salmon fish, trout fish, anchovies fish, hard cheese, raw whole milk, cage-free eggs, cabbage, onions, tomatoes, spinach, green beans, arugula etc.

Stop Drinking Soft Drinks

Soft DrinksNon-diet soft drinks contain lots of calories in the form of sugar within it. When you drink a non-diet soft drink, means you are consuming much more extra calorie than it is needed by your body.

It is been observed that people having a habit of drinking non-diet drink have gained weight in the much faster way than those who don’t drink it. The extra calorie that you gain out of drinking a soft drink let you gain weight easily.

If you want to lose your weight faster then stop today itself the habit of drinking, not diet soft drinks. Your all dieting and hard work will be proved useless if you don’t stop drinking it as by other dieting practices whereas you are losing weight on the other side you are gaining extra calories through non-diet soft drink

Take Less Stress


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Though not materialized thing, stress plays an effective role in gaining extra weight. People who take extra stress have experienced a sudden change in weight (gaining). There are several stress buster methods which can be applied to us to get rid of its side effect in the form of getting overweight.

Stress creates sleeping disorder which is also a reason for gaining extra weight. When your body and mind becomes unrest due to stress, it starts gaining extra calories and this becomes a reason for making you shapeless.

Apply some approved mind distracting factors to keep your mind relax and in peace. A stressful person cannot focus on his or her goal and will not take healthy nutrients foods or will not maintain a regular practice of exercise. So at first control your mind and make it peaceful then you will definitely lose your weight easily by focusing on your goal.

Prepare a Graph of Your Weight Changes

For effective result, while trying to lose your weight, you need to prepare a systematic chart which will show changes in your weight weakly wise. This will let you understand your condition and effectiveness of other weight loss practices.

A weakly graph of your weight changes will help you to control yourself by making you aware that which diet food or weight loss process is working for you better. So within two to three months, you can see a drastic loss in weight when you are maintaining a record of every small change.

You can also take snaps of yours as a record which will show your eyes changes in your shape as per the time. This way you make a double effort when you will find better results within your snaps. Also you yourself be your master when you can train yourself side by side can check your progress report monthly or weekly wise in the snaps you have taken.

Applying all these sure-fire ways will definitely help you to get proper shape and size. This practice is not for a day or a weak. It should be followed for a longer period of time until you are sure that you will not gain any further weight otherwise your whole effort will be proved useless.

Gaining weight is not too wrong. As we get old we started gaining weight which is natural but some people get extra weight which makes them completely shapeless and also affects their general life activities.

Even you are not losing weight rapidly after applying proper dieting practice then also don’t lose heart. These some sure-fire ways to lose weight will definitely work for you, if not now then after few days. Keep maintaining all these mentioned healthy and natural practices and get assured loss in weight after some time.

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Want to lose five pounds in 5 weeks? To beat weight gain, you need determination, commitment and the will to succeed. While time is definitely critical, and you don’t want to remain fat forever, bear in mind that starving yourself, trying risky “weight loss” supplements or doubling up on workouts, without investing in nutrition for your body can have disastrous consequences. Instead,try a flexible approach that let’s you choose from an entire gamut of weight loss exercises and lose weight to the tune of five pounds in 5 weeks.

#1 Diet Tips

Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

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Drink Water, Stay Hydrated

Consider that everything from your friendly Gatorade or Red Bull to a fruit or smoothie contains tons of calories. However, these beverages cannot drive thirst out of your body. Many of these so-called juices and drinks may even be high on carbs and sodium which further boost water retention and weight gain. Water, however, has zero calories and no carbs as well as less sodium, making it the perfect drink for those who want to slim down and stay fit. It even flushes out toxins from the body and jump-starts the metabolic rate.

Cutting down on sugary drinks is the perfect way to lose five pounds quickly. There are a lot of surprising beverages including milks, non dairy milk drinks like almond or soya and juices which contain so many sweetening agents. From fructose to lactose, corn syrup, cane syrup, honey and agave, all of these contribute to weight gain. To reduce the sugar load, you need to replace juices and lattes with herbal waters as opposed to sugar and flavor enriched vitamin waters.

Cutting sugar also impacts metabolic efficiency. How does this take place? Excess sugar gets deposited as belly fat. It also harms digestion and the functionality of the hormone system. To optimize metabolic function, you need to replace sugars with artificial sweeteners low in calories. If you must add sweetening agents to drinks, opt for Stevia.

Practice Controlling Your Portions

Across the years, portions have become excessively large in size. This makes it easy to consume additional calories, especially when it comes to health foods. You need to curb this by watching out for serving sizes. When it comes to dishes, practice taking controlled portions. Opt for snacks in small bowls rather than straight out of a package or bag. Additionally, to ensure proper nutrition, 50% of your plate needs to have fruits and veggies in it.

Avoid Low Fat Labels High in Calories

Many diet fans fill their shelves with low fat food. This is often considered a diet trap. For enhancing the flavor, additional carbs and sweets are added to these and digest quickly, absorbing into the bloodstream. This can cause insulin spikes. Research also shows people tend to overeat low fat foods.

Boost Your Metabolism

The metabolic rate is the pace at which the conversion of nutrients/food ingested to energy takes place. If weight loss is on the decline, the metabolism may require a boost. Fat burning engines are to be started if your body wants to lose calories.

Opt for Natural Supplements

Fucoxanthin is the edible seaweed compound which results in burning stubborn belly fat. This compound is available in health stores and combined the seaweed with pomegranate seed oil. It is known as Xanthigen. Another great natural supplement is a nut compound sourced from Andes and Peruvian rain-forests called Sacha Inchi. It is enriched with omega 3 fatty acids, and vitamin E. It also has anti-inflammatory properties that attack deposits of fat around the stomach. Finally, the third important supplement to take is L-arginine which boosts the metabolism in conjunction with exercise, according to studies.

Add Greens and Protein

Digestion of high fiber veggies is the best way to ensure your metabolic rate picks up. It also boosts satiation and destroys the cravings for unhealthy items. The body burns double the calories by metabolizing protein as opposed to carbs. A protein rich diet can also be attained by adding fish items like halibut and salmon into your diet, to increase the fat burning enzymes in the human body.

Spice is Nice

Some plants contain bioactive ingredient capasaicin which causes a spicy hot taste, apart from doubling the body’s energy expenditure post 3 hours after the meal. The aim is to boost the metabolism by consuming these spices such as tabasco, habaneros, jalapenos and cayenne apart from red peppers in your cooking. These spices also suppress the appetite centers by limiting certain neurotransmitters in the brain. Ginger is another great addition. It aids digestion, raises the metabolism and increases body temperature after 20 percent consumption.

Avoid Soda

An average US resident drinks gallons of soda amounting to 53 annually. Even regular soda consumed to that extent means you are ingesting sugar to the tune of 49 pounds. Soda comes with a lot of ingredients like caffeine, high fructose corn syrup and calories too. Additionally, apart from increasing the weight, soda raises the risk of tooth problems, osteoporosis, diabetes and blood pressure. Carbonation in the soda causes the formation of air bubbles in the abdomen which release CO2 when they disperse in the stomach, causing too much bloating.

Avoid Simple Carbs

Simple carbs in spaghetti, white rice and sandwich rolls can prove damaging for weight gain as these are digested extremely fast.
This does not induce a feeling of satiety.

The focus instead should be on opting for veggies as even wholegrain cereals cause bloated sensations and weight gain. Rather than the classic chip opt for veggies with dips. Additionally, vegetables are filled with fluids and flush out water weight.

Make the transition from sauces to spices. Choose cayenne pepper as opposed to sweet ketchup or barbecue sauce. Spices work well with the weight loss plan as against sauces. Spices come with triple benefits. They cut down on artificial condiments, sugars as well as sodium. Spices also help in burning fat. They also act from within as a metabolic aid, cleansing the systems from within and fending off bad bacterial agent. As per recent research, when cayenne pepper was consumed rather than just taken as a supplement, more fat was burnt and calories cut down.

#2 Exercise tips

Try 30 minute Cardio Routines

A workout that raises the heart rate burns calories. However, you end up expending more energy if the cardio routine is picked up to exercise multiple muscles in the human body. Three cardio workouts that can be considered include spinning, boot camp routine as well as kickboxing. Around 30 minutes of each burns 200 to 300 calories. Tone up your upper and lower body as well as the core. Tone, toughen and strengthen the body using such exercises. More calories are burnt if the workout session includes interval training. Short bursts of intense cardio can be combined with slower activities.

Use Caffeine to Boost Workouts

In an exception to the stick to H2O rule, it is essential to consume coffee prior to the workout. You will be able to burn more calories without pushing yourself extra hard.

Work Out Regularly

Regular gym workouts also help in sculpting muscles so a more streamlined appearance is in place. Complete three sets of 12 repetitions of this exercise every successive day. While push-ups target the upper body, lunges are perfect for toning the glutes, thighs and hips. The back and legs remain in a straight line during the push-ups. This improves the muscle tone and builds more muscles as well.

Try Weight Training

Weight training or strength/resistance training can help you to build muscles and become stronger. Choose weight training to get the perfect results when it comes to building and growing muscles.

Do Yoga

Yoga can serve as a wonderful means of making the most of your fitness routine and warding off stress hormone cortisol associated with belly fat and emotional eating. Stress management is essential for keeping weight gain at bay. Yoga could be the perfect routine for keeping your body fit and fine.

Be On the Move

Exercise is a minimum necessity for getting fit and toned. Choose a workout routine that best fits your lifestyle and fitness needs. Transform your body with special workout programs to tone your limbs and upper body, besides strengthening the core.

#3 Sleep Tips

Get A Full 6-8 Hours of Rest

The additional hour or too of sleep, whether you clock 6 hours or 8, can serve as the perfect means of refreshing you and ensuring you will make better eating decisions too. You will be less likely to gravitate towards high sugar foods if you are getting your energy from regular sleep. Body builds muscles while you rest, making sleep essential for getting fit and toned.

#4 Nutrition Tips

Vary Calorific Intake

Once the body consumes a certain amount of calories in a single day, the weight loss levels off to match what is burnt. For example, your body adapts to a certain amount of calories and stops slowing down. To keep the body fit and toned when it comes to shedding pounds, you need to vary your intake of calories. Consume 1800 one day, 1600 another and so on. This can trigger more weight loss.

Switch To Whole Grains and Veggies

Instead of simple carbs, switch to complex carbs and veggies. These come brimming with fiber and whole grains keep you feeling satiated, besides stabilizing the blood sugar and offering benefits in terms of vitamins, antioxidants and minerals. It also lowers chances of developing chronic diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol and diabetes. Restock the kitchen shelves and pantry with whole grain foods such as quinoa, whole wheat and whole grain pasta.

#5 Detox Tips

Try a Body Cleanser

Try a Body Cleanser

Photo By: Pexels/ CC BY

Another important way to lose the pounds quickly is to try a detox. A body cleanser is a quick and effective way to counter inflammation and bloating. Cleansing the body is possible through low calorie fasting slowing down the metabolism and harming the body.

Burn More Fat

Losing 1 pound or 0.5 kg requires burning 3500 more calories than consumed. So losing 2.7 kg or 5 pounds requires burning 17,500 calories in 5 to 7 days. Increasing activity levels, maintaining a diet which is healthy and working out 45 minutes per day can ensure quick returns. Craft a personalized routine that works well for you.

Study Your Habits

Losing 5 pounds in 5 days is possible if you fix the week spots in your exercise and diet regime. Include your everyday schedule so you can fit in much more activity. Start recording this exactly a week before weight loss so you are clear about the soda and juice you are taking, the sugar, white bread and pasta you consume, how much you exercise and whether you sit for long periods of time or exercise daily.

Calculate Caloric Allowance

Study how many calories you can ea per day. Aim to hit between 1,200 to 1,800 calories with the range being the lower limit to 1,500 for women and 1,600 to 1,800 for men.

Shop Ahead

Buy food which is healthy ahead of time to stop succumbing to junk food. Pick up green veggies, berries, whole grains and low fat yogurt.

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