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Best Workouts for Toning Butt, Thigh & StomachCurvy and toned body shape gives us a perfect and attractive look. Every one of us is not blessed with God gifted curvy figure but nothing to worry about it. There are some effective workouts that can turn your figure in a perfect shape. So try this butt, thighs, and stomach toning workouts and turn your dream in to live.

Stop doing workout practices which only works on mussels of your body. You cannot shape up yourself this way. A curvy butt, toned stomach, and firm thighs all together make a perfect figure. So these should be your primary focus area in order to get a perfect curvy look.

Practice the different workouts forms mentioned in this article which can reduce extra fat from your stomach, thigh, and buttock. So you don’t need to do three different workouts for toning these three different parts of your body. The single workout is good for shaping up your stomach, thigh, and buttock.

9 Best Workouts for Toning Butt, Thigh & Stomach

butt, thigh and stomach workout

Practice these best 9 workout forms to balance and figure out your lower part of the body. Start with one-time practice in a day and gradually increase up to two to three times in a day. These are sure-fire ways to firming and toning your butt, thighs, and stomach. Practice them every day to experience a drastic change in your figure.

The Tabletop Hip Dip Workout:

Hip Dip WorkoutTry the tabletop hip dip workout as this single workout form throws its equal effort on butt, thighs, and stomach at a time for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its process mentioned below.


  • At first, sit on the floor with bent knees and flexed feet by keeping your hip stretch.
  • Take your hands back and keep place your fingertips on the ground facing inside.
  • Now with the help of your hand and heels push yourself up to make a parallel position to the ground.
  • Twist your hip to the left side, stay in this position for few seconds and then again get back to the tabletop position.
  • Again repeat this action to the right side. Every time give pressure on your glutes for the movement not on your hips.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Side Lunge Side Crunch Workout:

Side Lunge Side Crunch WorkoutTry the side lunge side crunch workout as it can balance your butt, thighs, and stomach by throwing its equal effort at a time for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its method mentioned below.


  • At first, stand up with your feet and take a wide position with your left leg and keep you both hands folded and touched to your head.
  • Keeping the left leg straight position, bend your right knee and push back your hip backside.
  • Now cross your right leg in the front position by bending your right knee.
  • Do side crunch by lowering your shoulder towards left. Stay in this position for few seconds. Now get back to the straight position.
  • Repeat the same action with left leg, this time keep your right leg straight.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Cross Leg Sit-Up Workout:

Try the cross leg sit-up workout for boosting your butt, thighs, and stomach at a time and for toning them into a perfect size. It is quite simple to do. Here is its process mentioned below.


  • At first, sit down on the floor with an extended leg and keep your hands straight, palms should face each other.
  • Now cross the right leg on top of the left leg pointing the toes of your left leg.
  • Make a 45-degree angle by hinging your abs backward.
  • In the sit-up position lift the right leg to reach your arms towards the right thigh.
  • Get back to your initial position by putting down your leg. Keep your abs tight throughout this workout.
  • Repeat the same action with your left leg.

Do this workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a curvy figure within few months.

The Plank Heel Push Workout:

Plank Heel Push WorkoutThe curvy and perfect shape of the body is the dream of every woman but extra fat and calories in our body make us shapeless. Especially when you carry extra fat in your butt, thighs, and stomach. Try the plank heel push workout as it will work effectively with these three primary body parts which together give a perfect figure to you.


  • Take a push up position by keeping your forearms on the floor.
  • By turning the heel inside the body bend your left leg.
  • Press the knees together by squeezing your thighs.
  • Move your left leg towards the ceiling and keep it at six inches height on the right leg.
  • Now put down your left knee and squeeze the thighs.
  • Repeat the same action again with your right leg.

Do this workout practice every day without any break for getting toned buttock, thighs and stomach.

The Rear Raise & Hip Circle Workout:

If you are planning to shape up your body then you need to focus on your lower part of the body which starts from your stomach. As this lower area of our body plays a major role in shaping up our figure. So stop practicing workouts that only focus on decreasing mussels. Try this rear raise & hip circle workout to tone your buttock, thighs, and stomach and experience the drastic change in your figure.


  • At, first stand on the right leg and keep your hands behind in a clapping position.
  • Push the left leg behind you by keeping your body in straight position.
  • Turn your left knee and bring it to your front position. Remember keeps your abs stable throughout the workout.
  • Make a big circle with your left leg and keep your upper body straight.
  • Now push back your left leg behind your body and maintain a distance from the floor. If needed you can touch a little bit to the ground with the foot for maintaining the balance of your body.
  • Repeat the same action with your right leg.

This is a perfect exercise for toning your buttock, thighs, and stomach. Practice it daily for at least 15 to 20 minutes and get a perfect shape within few weeks.

The Side Plank Rainbow Workout:

Side Plank Rainbow WorkoutAnother workout which is effective in shaping your buttock, thighs, and stomach is the side plank rainbow. Try this workout form and shape your body into a perfect figure. You only need to have an open space in order to practice it even there is no requirement for an workout equipment to do this.


  • Take a side plank position by leaning your body on left forearm and elbow.
  • Turn your right hand behind your head. Move your right leg in the top position.
  • Now slowly bring your right leg down to form a rainbow by tapping the foot to the floor.
  • Bring your leg back and keep it above the hip and tap the floor slowly behind your lower leg.
  • Repeat the same action with your left leg.

Do this workout form practice every day for at least 15 to 20 minutes and tone your buttock, thighs, and stomach within few weeks.

The Front Lunge Workout:

Front Lunge WorkoutA perfect shape needs proper care and attention otherwise it cannot be maintained as we ages. So like other parts of your body you need to give special care to your figure also otherwise, it will not take long to turn you shapeless and full of mussels.

A front lunge workout is an easy form of exercise which you can practice daily at your home only. So now shape up your buttock, thighs, and stomach without joining any gym or training center. Its steps are mentioned below.


  • At first, take a splitting position by forwarding your right leg and keep your left leg behind.
  • Bend down your knees until you get a perfect right angle by both the legs.
  • Now push yourself to take a straight position by putting your weight on the knee.
  • Maintain your back in the straight position throughout this workout also make sure that your knee doesn’t go above your toes.
  • Repeat the same action with the leg.

This workout form emphasizes the lower part of your body so you can easily get a firm stomach, curvy butt, and toned thigh by practicing it on daily basis at least for 15 to 20 minutes without any break.

The Rear Lunge Cross Crunch Workout:

Rear Lunge Cross CrunchAnother form of workout that is effective on your buttock, thighs, and stomach is rear lunge cross crunch. Forget the days when you have to make tough efforts for toning your different body mussels. Now a single concentration on a single workout is enough to get your perfect curve.

This workout form increases your body metabolism activity hence it helps in burning extra fat as well as extra calories of your body. The best part is that you don’t have to make many sacrifices in your regular diet habit while practicing it. Just stick with the consistency of daily practice and experience a beautiful change in your body figure. Just follow the below-mentioned steps of this workout.


  • At first, stand up on the floor by both feet and keep your hand behind the head in clap position.
  • Now put your right leg behind into the rear lounge and twist the upper part of your body in the cross crunch position.
  • Bring your right rib across the left hip.
  • Stay in this position for few seconds and again get back to your initial position.
  • Repeat the same course of action with your left leg.

Do this workout practice every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes and get a toned buttock, thighs, and stomach within the few weeks.

The Squat Workout Form:

Squat Workout FormSquat form is another workout that throws its primary effort on your buttock, thighs, and stomach. This is quite easy to practice so every morning or evening fix a time for your workout and practice it. Within few weeks you can see that your butt, thigh, and stomach are getting into perfect firm and shape.

Follow these below-mentioned steps of the squat workout form and get the perfect figure.


  • At first stand with your feet by keeping your shoulder apart.
  • Keep your hands down to your side and stretched it on your front side for getting a balance for your body.
  • Now bend your knees down to form a perfect right angle shape.
  • Maintain your thighs position parallel to the floor.
  • Keep your back in straight position throughout this workout also look that your knees don’t get extended over the toes.

Anyone who is willing to tone up their lower part of the body will find it best and comfortable workout. Practice the squat workout every day at least for 15 to 20 minutes without any break for the best result.

All the workout forms which are mentioned in this article are best one for shaping and toning buttock, thighs and stomach. So stop looking for separate exercises for your lower body parts as these simple workouts are enough to tone your lower body alone.

One thing you should remember always that nothing can happen within a day or few weeks. It is your regular effort and patience towards your goal that makes your way easy and your target achievable. Be patient and consistent, you will surely achieve your goal.

Extra mussels in our body especially in lower part turns us into shapeless and makes it difficult for us to wear our favorite outfits. Apply our butt, thighs, and stomach toning workouts and with the regular effort, you will surely become able to dress up yourself in your desired outfits. The best part of these workouts is that you don’t need to carry any workout equipment. So you can practice these any time, any where as per your convenience.

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Are you planning to lose your overweight in this winterAre you planning to lose your overweight in this winter? Are you confused about the way to lose weight over winter? If your answer is yes, then this is the right platform for you. Read this article until the end and get some effective tips to lose weight over the winter.

The cold and clumsy weather makes us lazy and we even find it difficult to get out of our bed. Even in this lethargic period, you can fulfill your dream to lose fat from your body. At the beginning of New Year, all of us take some resolution. Some of us decide to quit from our bad habits, some of us decide to concentrate on our study whereas some of us decide to lose the weight of our body.

As the days go we forget about our resolution and again starts following our old habit and way of living. But this year it is not going to happen. Yes, you heard absolutely right. You are going to lose your weight in this winter season only. Just follow our tips and make your dream accomplished without giving any pain or trouble to yourself.

12 Top Tips to Lose Weight Over the Winter:

We all want a perfect shape and size of our body but overweight issue makes our way difficult to look perfect. If you are also suffering from this issue then be relaxed, my dear friend. Here we have enlisted best tips to lose extra weight during this winter season.

Include Soups in Your Diet:

Soups are good for our overall health in every possible way. If you are on your diet plan in this winter then include one bowl of soup in your breakfast. This is a healthy food and also helps in losing extra fat from your body.

Make sure your soup is made of veggie products as these are low calorie containing foods. You can have a veggie soup of bottle gourd, tomato, onion, boiled corn, peas, spinach etc. It will be good for your health and side by side will also help in reducing overweight.

For adding more taste and spice to your soup you can add red chilies, red and white pepper etc. Now you don’t have to compromise with your taste even if you are on diet. So lose extra fat of your body along with enjoying your dieting time

Include Fruits in Your Diet:

Fruits in Your Diet

Though you are on your dieting plan along with that you have to take care of your overall health so that it doesn’t get deteriorated. So you have to be very choosy while preparing your diet chart for losing weight over winter.

Eat seasonal fresh fruits every day as these will not increase the fat of your body but will keep you energetic throughout the day. This will also obstruct yours overeating habit as your stomach will feel full all the time.

You can eat a guava, pomegranate, fresh apples, pineapple, and papaya. As you are in your diet plan so your body needs extra energy as you have cut the regular doses of your main meal and these fresh fruits will fulfill this requirement of your body.

Eat Sprouts:

Eat SproutsYou can include sprouts of moth chana, moong etc. in your diet plan as these are a good source of minerals and vitamins that your body needs at this point of time. Dieting especially in winter season needs special care to your body otherwise if you get weaker you may easily get trapped by seasonal fevers and other allergies.

So your body needs vitamins and minerals otherwise you cannot stick to your diet plan for a longer time and will give up soon. You can take one hand full of gram or moong in a bowel and leave it overnight in the water. Next morning eat the fresh sprouts and stay fit and energetic throughout the day.

Exercise Every day:


Do exercise every day without any break as this will primarily help in reducing extra fat from your body. During winter it seems difficult to wake up in the morning for exercise practices. But as you are stick to lose weight over the winter you have to wake up on time.

Morning weathers are favorable for the workout practices. So set an alarm and be ready for the daily workout. There are so many workout forms which are mainly for reducing overweight from the body. Select one or two forms of them and practice every morning and evening.

You can take the help of YouTube in this regard. There are more than hundred forms of workouts videos are there focusing on decreasing extra fat of your body on YouTube. Select any one or two forms and practice them every day. When you do exercise the metabolism function of your body works faster and this indirectly reduces extra fats and calories in your body.



fitness fundas joggingMake a habit of morning jogging if you are planning to lose weight over winter. Along with keeping your body fit it also reduces extra calories from your body and hence helps in decreasing overweight. You need not to be faster while doing it. Take slow moves as this way you can cross long distances without getting tired.

Many of us have the misconception that jogging practice is difficult during the cold weather but this is absolutely a myth. The fact is that it’s been difficult to do jogging in hot and warm weather as you sweat easily and get tired too. Whereas you get warms up with a small mile walk in winter without getting tired.

So get ready with your jogging plan by today itself. Wear your sports shoe and track pant and be prepared to cross the miles. Also, it is been seen that people walking on snowy and foggy weathers walk faster than a person walking in summer’s hot weather.

This is an easy practice and way of losing extra fat from your body. Also, it increases blood circulation of your body which obstructs the accumulation of extra fat in your body. Morning fresh air is good for your overall health so you get benefited many ways out of the daily jogging practice.

Drink More Water:


Because of cold weather, most of us don’t drink lots of water. Some of us hardly drink two glasses of water in the whole day. If you are also one of these people then change your habit as this can a barrier to your weight loss plan over winter.

Add extra glasses of water in your everyday diet chart as this will guard your body to get dehydrated also it increases the efficiency of the intestine system in your body. Otherwise in the lack of necessary amount of water in the body the excretion process of the body get hampered and disturbed. This way you cannot lose your weight over winter.

Apart from water, you can also eat watery fruits like cucumber, pineapple etc. These fluid intakes will not let your body to get dehydrated. You can drink hot water also as this is helpful for reducing overweight of the body.

Also, the habit of drinking more water keeps your stomach full every time and this saves you from eating untimely snacks in a day. This is a healthy way of cutting extra meal eating habit. Drink water before your meal as it burns your hunger naturally without affecting your health.

Stick With Your Plan:

It is been said that a well-made planning is equal to half of the whole work completion. Means if your planning is strong and well prepared then you are not far from reaching your target or aim. The same thing is applicable for your extra weight loss plan over winter.

Be sure and stick with our winter diet plan otherwise a halfhearted start of dieting plan will be worthless. Maintain the same rhythm since beginning to till the end then only you can be successful to lose extra fat or calories from your body.

Sun Exposure:

Young woman applying sunscreen on her shoulder while sitting on the beach

The sun’s UV rays are not only a source of vitamin D; it is beneficial for your body and mind in several ways. It is been scientifically proved that sun exposure is good for weight loss. That is why morning walks are very important for every person who is willing to lose overweight.

In the winter season you will not get sun heat in every morning but around daytime, after 10 a.m. you can go out for sun walk. This is an easy way to boost your mind as well as your whole body. Sun exposure burns your appetite naturally by making your stomach feel as full. So automatically it reduces your hunger for more food.

It also enhances your energy level which is very important for you as you are in the dieting period. So warm you up with little bit sun exposure and lose your weight over the winter.

Never Skip Your Meal:

small mealIf you think that with keeping your stomach empty you can lose your weight then this is absolutely your misconception. In fact, empty stomach causes to put on extra fat in the body. So never skip your meal at all. Take your meal on time every day along with other diet plan and lose your weight drastically in this winter season only.

Eat less but take small -small mills throughout the day. Never keeps your stomach empty for a longer time. You can have some healthy snacks in between the big meals as these will keep your energy level on pick and will not let you feel tired or weak even after a long exercise practice.

Add Proteins to Your Food:

Protein rich foods like Mmeat, fish, nuts and som evegetablesAdd food items that are rich in protein, in your daily diet chart as because these food items are quite heavy and can satisfy the hunger of your stomach quickly. So it will burn your hunger for frequents snacks and fast foods.

If you have decided to lose your weight over winter then start eating protein-rich diet every day. Though protein increases your body mass along with that it can burn your frequent appetite by keeping your stomach full for longer time. You have to be smart while choosing protein-rich food for you. Remember it should not be fat containing otherwise it can increase your weight.

Choose Carb Diet Smartly:

carbs for healthy weightAdd carb diets in your diet chart but you have to be very smart while selecting them. Don’t have these carb intakes more than a limit as it can cause to increase fat in your body. It should be in a limited quantity so that it won’t increase extra weight.

Winter is a beautiful season of the year and lethargic too. The weather makes us lazy so you have to be very smart while preparing the diet chart for losing your weight within this season. As you are doing lots of workout practices so your body needs necessary amount of calories as you lose calorie from your body while doing a workout.

Carb diets fulfill the needs of the calorie of your body. You can have pasta, bread, dairy products, rice, beans etc. once you are finished with your daily workout practice. This can help you to reduce weight over winter without making you weaker and energyless.

Give Massage to Your Body:

Benefits of Ayurvedic Massage

A good and an expert massage diminish extra mussels of your body. You can take the help of experts in this regard or can go to a massage parlor where you can get an expertise massage for reducing extra fat of your body.

A half hour of massage is enough to warm up your mind and make you fresh. Especially in the winter time when your body gets rough and itchy, massage helps in toning your body and also makes you energetic by increasing the blood circulation of your body. Include this easy tip to lose extra weight of your body over the winter season.

Apply all these simple and effective tips in this winter season and notice the changes in your body mass. We are sure that our tips to lose weight over the winter are surely going to decrease your weight without hampering your overall health.

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Best Cardio Workouts Without EquipmentWorkouts are one of the most effective ways to keep our body healthy and away from chronic diseases just like cardio or heart problems. Who doesn’t want to live a normal life but this really seems to be very difficult if you are arrested with a critical health problem. There are some cardio workouts doable without equipment.

As these workouts can be practiced without any need for equipment so you can try it at your home only. This saves your time and effort for going to a Gym. Not only that you get equal health benefits even without using an equipment.

Cardio is getting become a common health problem nowadays and it is not limited to aged people now. Even youngsters are found to be affected by it. It needed to maintain regular medication in order to avoid any further complication but along with taking medication, you can help yourself for living a normal life by starting a workout session.

Start doing workouts as a fixed part of your everyday routine. Workouts without equipment are best for you as per your health condition. It will increase your heart pumping rate and also check your cholesterol level and will help in balancing it.

Best Home Cardio Workouts without Equipment:

Below we have mentioned some best cardio workouts which you can practice without any equipment and in your home place. These workouts are favorable for your heart health as these help in reducing extra fat of your body and burns extra calories.

The Mountain Climbers Workout:

Mountain Climbers WorkoutIf you are a cardio patient then you must try this climbers workout. It will boost your heart health and for the overall body fitness also it is quite good. Hand, shoulder, leg all these body parts needed to be involved in this workout session.

It enhances your heart rate and keeps you energized throughout the day. There is no requirement for any equipment for this workout. Only you need a plain floor and good strength wrist.


  • First, take the push-up position on the floor and keep one of your feet on the upward side close to your hand.
  • Make sure that your shoulder and hips are stick to the same line throughout the workout session.
  • Now with the use of core moves your extended foot towards your hand and repeat the same action with the other foot. This seems like the running on the mountain.
  • Repeat this action at least for 15 minutes with the same rhythm.

You can add the steps of mountain workout with other cardio workout sessions also for getting the better and mix benefit out of it. As this workout helps in raising the heart rate along with giving strength and support in the core so must be practiced by any cardio patient after consulting with the specialized doctors.

The Burpees Workout:

Burpees WorkoutCardio unrest and complications occur due to extra calories in your body. The Burpees workout helps to reduce the extra amount of calorie and let you live a healthy and energetic life.

You need to possess a very good expertize in a workout for doing the Burpees. Also, buy a good quality of exercise shoes for the smooth practice. Though this workout process is a little bit tough so you need to be determined otherwise you cannot go on the long run.


  • At first, do squats.
  • Jump by your feet to the plank position.
  • Jump down and stand up.
  • Or one can step the foot back in the place of jumping.
  • And at the end of the workout jump up.
  • Push up can also be an add-on step.

Though this workout is very tough to execute if you successfully manage to do this then it’s quite good for your heart health. It can burn more than 100 calories just within 10 minutes of practice.

The Jump Rope Workout:

Jump Rope Workout

Another workout that is good for cardio health and can be done without any exercise equipment is this jumping on rope workout. What you need to have in order to start this workout is just a skipping rope.

You don’t need to spend money like other workouts in Gym. This is a cost-cutting workout along with extensive health benefit. Go in an open place like a park and practice it for at least 20 minutes.


  • At first hold, the jumping rope handles by both of your hands.
  • Turn the rope in circulating motion and jump over each circle.
  • Repeat this action at least for 100 to 200 times.

The jump rope workout is quite easy to practice and anyone can do it without any tough effort. It can burn more than 200 calories if you do this work out for 20 minutes.

There are many variations exist in jump rope exercise. You can try all of these so that you don’t get bored and stick with it for a long time. You can do cross over legs jumping, jumping with one foot, back jumping, front jumping etc. Go slowly on jumps as if you will fast over ropes then you cannot stick on it for a long time.

The Squat Jump Workout:

Squat JumpAnyone can try the squat jump workout as it is very easy to do. It’s good for your cardio and overall health. The jumping step in this workout process increases your heart rate, side by sideburns your calorie and strengthen your body mussels.

You need to have a good quality of sports shoes, strong and healthy knees and one open space for practicing it. You can practice this at least for few minutes also along with your daily other cardio exercises like jogging, skipping etc. It will be a surplus for you and will improve your heart health.


  • At first, make a squat position for practicing the squat jump workout.
  • Now jump as high as you can. Make sure you have to jump at the same height every time. So accordingly pick your jumping height.
  • Get back to your position again and take the squat form.

This workout is good for your heart health but remembers you need to possess a strong heart for the regular practice of this exercise. Also, remember to do soft landing otherwise it can cause wounds to your knee.

Many variations are available in this workout. You can practice any one of it as per your suitability. Some of them are frog jump workout, prisoner squat jump etc. Repeat this exercise for 10 minutes every day for the best result.

Jogging at a Place:

 Jogging at a Place

Jogging at a fixed place in the stationary form is quite good for your cardio health. It doesn’t require any equipment to do this exercise practice. Just you need to have a good spots shoes and sturdy floor for practicing it.

You need to maintain an equal rhythm while doing it as like outdoor jogging you don’t need to move from here to there. The regular practice helps in increasing your heart rate and warms you up. This is quite simple to do so anyone who is looking for a cardio workout without equipment will find it easy to do.


  • Stand on a sturdy ground like a stationary.
  • Do jogging movements without actually moving forward to your legs.
  • Be steady in this workout and repeat this action for 15 to 20 minutes.

You can mix up this workout steps with other cardio workouts for making it more interesting and effective one. You can include rope jump, marching, step touch, jogging etc.

The best part of this workout is that it can be practiced in your home only. You don’t need to go outside or in any gym for practicing it. It strengthens your feet also so you get dual benefit out of it.

The Jumping Jack Workout:

Jumping Jack WorkoutThe jumping jack workout is one of the best cardio workouts without any equipment. This is easy to process and quite good for your heart health. Apart from the heart it also strengthens to your other body parts also which are involved in this workout process like your leg and hand.

You do not need to possess any special skill or equipment in order to do this workout practice. Only 10 minutes practice can burn approx. 100 calories of your body. The basic requirement to start this workout is a good quality of sports shoes, sturdy floor, and strong heart condition to bear the jump heights.


  • At first, keep your legs in wide position and keep your hands in straight position.
  • Now jump by your feet and keep circuiting your hand whenever you jump.
  • Repeat this jumping and hand circulating action for at least ten minutes for the effective result.

For making your workout practice more enjoyable and engaging you can add some other variations also such as step your feet out in the place of jumping in the air, pushup jacks, plyo-jacks etc.

The Bear Crawls Workout:

Bear Crawls WorkoutThe bear crawls workout strengthens your heart condition so this is considered as one of the best cardio workouts without equipment. This is a high-intensity exercise. Though it is tough to perform it if we get consistent with it then we can easily do its steps without any special effort.

The push-up position increases your heart rate and helps to burn excess calories from your body. A cardio patient should remain very attentive regarding their weigh as extra fat causes problem to their heart. This workout helps in balancing your overall weight.


  • At first, take the squatting position on the floor.
  • Keep your hand outside to take pushup form.
  • Now stand up just like a bear.

Repeat this workout steps for 10 to 15 minutes every day for boosting your heart health. This workout comes up with other variations like pushup on knees, keep your knees down while crawling, do it without pushup form.

The HIIT Workout:

HIIT Workout

As the HIIT workout doesn’t require any equipment to practice it so as per your convenience do it anywhere. The primary focus of HIIT workout to manage lower part of the body. At least 30 minutes everyday workout can burn extra fat in your thighs and buttocks.

The HIIT is an abbreviation of High Intensity of Interval Training which helps in burning extra fat from your body especially from the lower body part and strengthens to your heart condition. It warms up your cardio health. Initially, you might face little bit difficulty in performing it but after some time you get comfortable with it.


  • Do squatting on the floor.
  • Kick your leg in upward motion.
  • Repeat the same action with your other leg. This exercise helps in toning your buttock and thighs.

This Pilates combo workout increases your heart pumping rate within few days of practicing it. Lots of variations exist in this form of workout. Also, you can add this workout in your daily workout session along with other cardio workouts like jogging, rope jump, butt-kicking, warrior stretch, jumping jacks etc.

If you are suffering from cardio or heart unrest then your body definitely needs a health-supporting workout for keeping you energizing and improving your cardio health condition. You can take help from youtube videos in this regard.

There are thousands of different workout session videos are available in youtube. Pick any one of them as per your health condition which can directly affect your heart and can help to improve it. You can add different-different forms of workout in this so that your cardio exercise session would not be boring in the lack of variations.

No doubt your heart is one of the most important and tender parts of your whole body. If it is suspected with any medical default then you cannot ignore it at all as it can be life threatening too. As a cardio patient, you cannot lift heavy weight like workout equipment or anything which carries good weight as it can directly hamper your heart.

So practice these cardio workouts doable without equipment and improve your heart health naturally. Always consult with the cardiologist before practicing any workout as they can guide you better in this context that which forms of workout will be good for you as per your current heart status.

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Best Weight Loss Tips for TeenagersTeenage is one of the most important as well as a tender stage of life. At this point of time neither you get counted among children neither you are completely young. Lots of hormonal change occurs in your body at this time and its effects can be observed in your physical structure. Obesity is an issue that many teenagers come across, so here we have mentioned best weight loss tips for teenagers.

Junk food, cold drinks, and snacks are an inseparable part of our daily meal in this stage which indirectly increases our body mussels which is not at all good as because instead of keeping us fit and energetic it only enhances to our body mass.

Every teenager wants to look curvy and attractive but the overweight gaining issue harnesses to their dreams and many of them start starving for losing extra weight. But this is absolutely a wrong procedure as you only get weaker and hampers your health.

If you are also struggling with your heavyweight and sick n tired now with every other weight loss tricks then don’t be disheartened, my dear friend. In this article, we have enlisted best tips to lose excess weight naturally.

Top Ten Weight Loss Tips for Teenagers

Teenage is a beautiful stage of everyone’s life. We all want to stay in this stage forever as this is the time when we are naturally blessed with beauty and natural glam gifted by God. Along with some good things, it also comes up with few issues that really disturb us and affect our lives.

Changes in hormones are something natural which happens at this stage of life. Apart from hormonal change some wrong lifestyle in our day to day life cause us to gain overweight that is really bad for our health as well as external look.

We often start applying some wrong ways or techniques in frustration to lose our weight. Though these wrong ways might reduce our weight but it’s totally harmful for our overall health. So below are the top ten tips for every teenager who is suffering from obesity problem.

Do Healthy Breakfast:

Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast plays an important role in our everyday meal. Your whole day energy level depends on the quality of your breakfast. So even if you are in dieting then also never think to skip your breakfast.

One thing you must need to understand that you are in a very crucial phase of the life where changes in hormones cause to change your body structure. The required amount of change in weight is something very natural and there is nothing to worry about it.

Under the situation, you are gaining weight abnormally then also never think to skip your meal especially breakfast. Your body needs a balanced level of energy which keeps you fit and healthy and this energy generates from the metabolism process. A healthy and balanced breakfast boost the metabolism activity of your body.

A balanced breakfast diet includes an appropriate amount of fiber, protein and full of carbs. This healthy mixture of foods will not increase your mussels and fat. It will not even add to your body weight just will only energize you internally.

Drink the healthy juice of fruits. Its good for you as it will balance your energy level throughout the day and also don’t let you get dehydrated. A teenager has to do lots of physical activity and this you cannot do if you have not begun your day with a healthy breakfast.

Play Outdoor Games:

outdoor games

Teenage is a time when we grew up and our body and bones are impacted by this change. At this point of time, we need good and supporting physical activities to support the metabolism process.

Games, especially outdoor games, are considered as a healthier practice for healthy living. This not only keeps you fit and healthy but also reduces extra fat from your body. One thing you must be remembered that extra weight of the body should not be reduced at the cost of your health.

Make a fixed timing for playing outdoor games and don’t miss it at any cost. An irregular practice will not bring any desired result to you. You can play any of the game as per your choice like badminton, tennis, basketball etc. or you can do cycling as well.

Every teenager wants to look attractive with a good shape of the body but extra weight gaining issue breaks our dream. Outdoor games are an easy way to lose extra weight of your body within few weeks of regular practice.

Eat Small Meals:

Eat Small Meals

Often it is seen that teenagers skip their meals and thinks that this will reduce their weight. If you are also one of them then let us aware you this is just a misconception. Skipping meals is not going to help you at all instead your body will gain extra weight because of it.

What you can do is make a habit of taking small meals between the gap of two big meals like breakfast to lunch and lunch to dinner. You can eat some healthy snacks or fruits in between. So throughout the day, you will have five to six meals altogether. Also, remember don’t keep your stomach hungry for more than two hours.

Don’t Cut Snacks Completely From Your Diet:


Yes, you heard absolutely right you don’t need to cut snacks and fast foods completely from your diet chart. Teenage is a beautiful time phase of everyone’s life. Our taste buds fly like a butterfly and want to try everything around us.

If in such a tender and beautiful time if we completely cut snacks and fast foods from our life then instead of reducing our weight it can throw us in some difficulties like the stress of not living a normal life like our other age mates.

So make a day fixed for you when you can eat all the snacks that you like such as chips, cold drinks, burger, pizzas etc. One day change in the taste bud will energize you for the other days dieting process in the week and you can follow your diet process steadily with patience.

When you can see a significant change in your body weight then you will automatically reduce even that one-day snacks meal. Also eat these fast foods only after dinner otherwise if you eat it in the daytime then possibilities are there for consuming an extra quantity of these products.

Eat Maximum Veggie & Fruit Items:

Eat Maximum Veggie & Fruit Items:

Eat as much veggie and fruit products as you can as this is the growth time of your body so don’t restrict your body from gaining essential nutrition which is important for your bone density and complete growth procedure.

Include veggie items in your meal like tomato soup, orange or mango juice, milkshake mixed with fruits, green vegetables, whole grain food items, rice, potatoes, oatmeals etc. Don’t worry that these will add extra fat to your body. The real cause of gaining overweight or obesity is our wrong lifestyle.

Never keep your stomach starving as you cannot reduce your weight by starving yourself instead you will lose your health. What energy your body store at this point of life is important for your future as per the health is concerned. Negligence in this stage will affect your health badly later on. So don’t comprise your fitness at any cost for reducing your weight.

Eat healthy veggies and fruits as much as you can and always apply legitimate and healthy procedures for reducing your weight as this is the base creating time on which your life is dependent indirectly.

Drink Extra Glass of Water:

glass of water

As much as you can include extra glasses of water in your everyday diet chart. Reduce your extra weight, there is no harm in it but not at the cost of starving your stomach. When you drink two to three glasses of water before your meal, it fills your stomach fully and burns your hunger naturally.

Water is good for your overall health. As the teenagers indulge in lots of physical activities so it is quite natural that they might get dehydrated as when our body sweats due to its regular movements and works it needs water to fill this gap.

Drink 2-3 glasses of water in your empty stomach every day. This will give a boost to the metabolism activity of your body and will keep you hydrated throughout the day. Apart from keeping you fit and energetic internally it enhances the glow and charm of your skin.

Eat Appropriate Quantity of Calorie:

high calorie foods

Though extra calorie adds to your weight then also as a teenager you should never think to completely cut the foods full of calorie. This is the growing time of your body so lots of calories burned throughout the day due to different physical activities that you do.

So you need to generate the required amount of calorie to maintain a healthy balance otherwise in the lack of calorie you might get fatigue or tired after doing even a small workout.

In this context, you can take a help from the doctor who can better guide you in regardless of your height and weight how much calories your body needs to acquire. Take the exact requirement detail to your body and then accordingly prepare your diet chart. This way neither you lose your health nor you will gain over or extra weight.

Do Workout:


As you are in your growing stage so apart from natural growth, you possess a very good opportunity to give yourself a desired weight and height with some extra effort in your life. Do workouts or exercise every day without any break.

Workout boosts your mussels and increases metabolism of your body. The workout is considered as one of the best and safest way to reduce extra fat from your body. Different workout forms are there for reducing fat for different parts of the body. What you need to do is select the right one for a quick result.

You can do these workouts in the home or you can join a Gym. If you have joined any gym then you can ask your trainer that which form is best for you to reduce weight. Though you will not see a difference within few days but definitely after one or two months you can feel the difference or you can take your weight measure also. Within a fixed interval of time check out your weight for knowing your current condition and changes.

Do Yoga Practices:


Benefits of doing yoga practices are enormous. The trust and faith on yoga are increasing among us because of its uncountable advantages for healthy life. If you are a teenager and willing to lose your extra weight with a healthy practice then start doing yoga by today itself.
It fills your body with full of energy by boosting the metabolism activity. Wake up early morning and in a calm and peaceful place do yoga for a good amount of time for the effective result.

Yoga keeps you away from many diseases and increases your immunity power so that small changes in weather or hormonal changes in your body could not affect you or harm you. The yoga forms are a little bit difficult than the workout practices so for your suitability, you can make a mix up of both yoga and workout forms.

Healthy & Sound Sleep:

Healthy Sleep

Sleeping disorder is considered as one of the main issues for gaining frequent weight as per the doctors. Teenage is the time when we are in the process of making the base for our carrier. So stress, study pressure and other common issues of this period of life can hamper our sleep which is not at all good.

Untimely sleep or break between sleep cause to increase extra fat in our body. Not only for losing weight but also for living a healthy life with healthy mind you need to sleep at least for 7 to 8 hours in the night without any break.

Apply these healthy and trustworthy tips for losing extra fat from your body as these are the best weight loss tips for teenagers. Don’t be disheartened if you are not getting a quick result. Patience and steadiness is a core of the success of any effort.

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Want to lose weight fast? Neither crash diets or bursts of exercise can be a healthy answer for weight loss. If you want to lose weight being slow and steady wins the race. Slow changes in terms of exercise and food. For those who have not exercised for years, running on the tracks or climbing on a treadmill can be a real problem. This leaves people feeling unmotivated and disheartened so injury is possible and fitness levels may fall further still. Starving yourself is not a solution. This is because diets can prove restrictive when it comes to calories or food types that can be allowed leading to deficiency in vitamins and nutrients needed by the human body.

How to Lose Weight Safely And Correctly

Weight Loss and Energy Requirements

The human body uses food for energy. It stores excessive energy as fat. If more food is eaten, than is needed for daily activities and maintenance of the cells, weight is gained. For losing weight, the need of the hour is to use up stores of body fat. Reducing the calories eaten and increasing activity levels is the key here. Experts have talked about weight loss in terms of exercise and diet. The key here is to consider the equation between energy needs and weight loss facts.

Introduce Gradual Changes

It is small and slow paced changes that can bring about sizable weight loss. Consider these simple statistics. A simple cracker or biscuit adds 5 pounds in a year. If you cut down on this biscuit everyday, weight loss will result instead of weight gain. Choose diets that are not excessively restrictive because these do not take extra effort to follow. Weight loss is not in terms of changing eating habits overnight. Weight loss goals need to be incorporated as gradual lifestyle changes.

Increasing Activity Levels

As the amount of exercise is increased, even with the same diet and calorific intake, weight loss is certain. If you don’t like hard core exercise, even moderate intensity ones performed on a regular basis can impact your health in a positive way. Each time one exercises more than usual, calories and fat are burned. Increasing the amount of activities carried out is easy. Choose from walking, running, aerobics, racket sports and team sports to name just a few. Work on improving fitness levels.

Choose Easy Weight Loss Methods

Choose Easy Weight Loss Methods

Another important consideration is that you need to choose a means of exercising or an activity that is cost efficient and easily accessible. This increases the chances of it being followed, despite the usual sessions through family commitments and holidays. Getting around in the weekend without a car or taking that extra step by using stairs, not lifts can prove beneficial. Try taking a break from being a couch potato and enjoy going from fat to fit. If one is overweight, current eating habits need to be given a wide berth too. It is not possible to reduce fat, while eating sweets, cakes and foods. Limit treats to specific occasions and save yourself from weight gain.

Eat Right

For effective and safe weight loss, eating right and making nutritious choices can get the body to use up existing stores of fat. Eating less than 1500 calories per day causes weakness or giving up in desperation. Quick fix diets can cause yo-yo impact on drastic weight loss followed by weight gain, resulting in a vicious cycle. There are no shortcuts to losing weight, when it comes to being reasonable and healthy. Consuming anywhere between 300 to 500 calories per day should lead to loss of 1-2 pounds per week. This is a target which is realistic. It may appear slow,but can lead to weight loss of more than three stones in a single year. Fat comprises the most amount of calories of different types of foods like carbohydrates, proteins etc. A good way to attain this is cutting down on fatty foods and eating bread, veggies and fruits that are wholegrain. Reduce calorie intake without altering your diet considerably and replace sodas and carbonated drinks or sugary fruit juices with water. Opt for skimmed as opposed to whole or semi skimmed milk. Eating less lunch can be a way out, as can cutting down on sugar in tea and coffee. Smaller portions of food should be taken and second helpings can be given a wide berth. Avoid sugary treats and crisps in between and cut down on intake of alcohol.

Don’t Skip Meals

It is also essential to ensure breakfast is not skipped. Any meal should not be given a wide berth when it comes to losing weight. Skipping meals may reduce calorific intake, but it can cause much hunger later on. Overeating to compensate can be a problem. Bad choices should not be made; consider that a cereal bar touted as healthy may actually be brimming with sugar and refined carbs. Additionally, the body’s metabolism is disrupted making it harder to lose weight to begin with.

Maintain a Food Diary

If one is not sure about what is wrong with the diet, keeping a diary everyday about all you eat and drink can prove beneficial. Use notebooks or online diaries and find out where you score and where you don’t. Check for processed foods, fat food, roasts, creamy sauces, fried food and alcohol.

Persevere and be Patient

While it takes a week or so before any changes are noticed, they tend to appear gradually. After the first month, results will be seen and measured in terms of looser fitting clothes. Keeping the motivation up is a difficult aspect of dieting and healthy eating needs to remain in place so that weight loss does not suffer. Consider whether you want to increase activity levels by making more changes to the diet or sticking to the current plan.

Goals need to be celebrated too. While reaching every weight loss milestone, celebrate through gentle reminders not to eat specific foods.

Choose Weight Loss

Correct Way to Lose WeightOverweight women between 10 to 20 pounds can cut their risk of diabetes by half with weight loss. Men can cut down on the risk of heart problems. As we gain weight, we age. People who gain more than 20 pounds of their normal weight run the risk of serious heart problems. Consider that women who are overweight by more than 20 pounds run the risk of heart attack and double chances of succumbing to cancer.

Keeping weight in the healthy range is important, as one is less likely to be troubled by illness in later years.

Eat Your Breakfast

It is important not to neglect the first meal of the day. Eating breakfast revs up metabolic rate. If one skips breakfast, one can eat more calories later in the day by binging. A study for people who lost weight and kept it off for more than five whole years found that all of these individuals ate breakfast daily. What is important is that you avoid the pop tarts and cream donuts, and go for the oatmeal or whole grain cereals instead.

Consume Nourishing Foods

Another important step is to stop counting calories and eat foods that nourish your body. Eating fat free, sugar-free and refined processed food is also devoid of nutrition. It does not prove to be satisfying as against vegetables, healthy fats, lean meats and whole grains. As more nutritious food is consumed, and more physical activity becomes possible, the body gains its natural weight.

Try Veggies and Fruits

Vegetables and fruits need to be washed out and cut in the fridge. This resolves hunger pangs and you can easily get rid of the bag on the move.

Don’t Drink Calories

Replace diet soda with unsweetened beverages because diet drinks keep your sweet tooth craving for more. Diet drinks can also result in overcompensation with additional calories across the day. Drinking iced teas or carbonated and plain water with lime or lemon is the key here. Don’t drink all your calories. Soda and diet drinks often come with a lot of sugar, so watch out for these.

Control Your Portions

Using the plate method is important for making a healthy meal. Your plate needs to be filled with non starchy, low veggies like asparagus, broccoli and cauliflower. Additionally, there’s Brussels sprouts, mushrooms, peppers, string beans or fruits and leafy greens. Filling a quarter with a whole grain like barley, brown rice, quinoa, starchy veggies like potatoes or corns or even beans. Opt for baked, sautéed, broiled, or roasted meat with lean cuts, tofu or eggs additionally to fulfill your protein intake.

Cut Down on Carbs

Refined carbs like cake, cookies, candy, scones, muffins, cupcakes, fruit juice, chips and supermarket breads are things that don’t burn or turn into fat. Foods like fruit, cereals for breakfast and sweetened yogurt come with sugar. Replacing fruit yogurt with plain Greek, choosing low carb, high fiber cereal and adding healthy fat to the meal with unsalted nuts, seeds, olive oil and avocado slices.

Keep Tempting Foods Outside the House

Stocking the fridge and pantry with health foods creates an environment that will ensure success. Enjoying treats once in a while is okay. Eat together and opt for healthy foods. Silence the inner critical voice within you and always reinforce yourself with positive strokes.

Cut Down on Starches or Sugars

Cut Down on Starches or Sugars

Cutting back on starches and sugar because these foods stimulate most of the insulin secretion. Insulin refers to the key fat storing hormone in the human body. As insulin levels go down, fat moves easily out of the body. The body begins burning fat, not carbs. Another key benefit of lowered insulin is that kidneys shed a lot of sodium and water out of the body. This reduces water weight and bloat. Losing up to ten pounds within a single week of eating can stand in the way of water weight and body fat. Studies show removal of starches and sugar from the diet lowers insulin levels. Destroy appetite and lose weight without succumbing to hunger, now.

Opt for Protein and Fat

Each meal should include a protein source, low carb vegetables and a fat source. Choosing to put together meals brings carb intake into the recommended range of 20 to 50 grams per day. Meat such as lamb, bacon, pork, beef or chicken. Salmon, shrimps, trout and lobsters are some fish and seafood you can sample. Omega 3 enriched or pastured eggs also offer a good deal. Eating enough protein per day is important. This revs up metabolism by 80-100 calories in a day. High protein diets can reduce the need for late snacking by half and make you gain so much that close to 441 lower calories per day are added to the diet. Protein and fat are the most important sources of nutrition.

Another crucial part of the diet needs to be fat. This includes olive oil, avocado oil, coconut oil, tallow and butter. Good fat can speed up metabolism also, such as coconut oil containing medium chain triglycerides. Natural fats don’t raise heart disease risks. For assembling meals, check out low carb meal plans. Each meal needs to be assembled out of fat, protein and vegetable source, to lower insulin and speed up the metabolism.

Lift Weights

Lifting weights up to thrice a week is important. Exercising to lose weight is the plan. It is recommended to go warm ups, lifting weights and stretching. If you need to, you can also ask trainers for advice. Through lifting weights, calories can burn and prevent the metabolic rate from coming down, which is a common result of weight loss.In case lifting weights is not a choice, easy workouts like walking, swimming, running or jogging are enough. Resistance training such as weight lifting is essential and cardio workouts need to be tried as well.

Carb Re-Feeds Can Work Out

Taking a day off per week where one eats more carbs is also a good idea. Choose healthier carbohydrates such as rice, sweet potatoes, fruits, oats, quinoa etc. Having a cheat meal once in a day is fine. Carb re-feeds can regulate fat reducing hormones like thyroid and leptin.

Some weight may be gained during the re-feed day, but most of it is water weight which can be lost in a couple of days.

Hydrate Yourself

Avoid sugary juices and drinks, as this can help in losing weight. Drink water before meals to increase weight loss. One study found that drinking water half an hour before meals increased weight loss by 44% over three months.

Go For Weight Loss Friendly Foods

Certain foods are useful for fat loss. Weight loss friendly foods include soluble fibers for reducing fat in the belly area. Glucomannan is one of the fiber supplements that can also help. Drinking tea or caffeine is also beneficial, as the caffeine in this can boost metabolic rates by 3 to 11 percent. Eating whole, unprocessed foods is also beneficial as these are healthier, filling and less likely to lead to overeating. Eating food slowly causes weight gain over time. Eating slowly is the reason to feel full and reduce weight hormones.

Get Adequate Sleep

Getting a good night’s sleep each night is important. One of the strongest risk factors for weight gain, lack of adequate sleep can trigger a lot of health problems as well.

Opt for Low Carb Items

Low CarbLow carb foods tend to bring down blood sugar levels. Triglycerides also tend to lessen, while small LDL dense cholesterol falls. HDL or good cholesterol rises. Blood pressure rises significantly and is easier to follow than low fat diets. Losing a lot of weight is easy and low carb diets can improve health in many ways.

Get Apps and the Right Support

Many apps can help in tracking eating. As one has a smartphone with oneself all the time, it can be used to keep up with the plan. A pen and paper food journal can also track what one eats and drinks. People may want to feel motivated and having others to support them can be vastly beneficial. At the most fundamental level, food means fuel, as it provides the energy to carry out important activities. You need to eat when you feel hungry for starving yourself can have serious consequences for your body. Finding out what your triggers are is important. Consider factors like stress, anxiety, anger or depression in specific parts of your life. If food is your main reward when something positive happens, you need to watch out.

Reward Yourself For Different Choices

When the feeling to eat food comes up, you need to have a plan to do something else rather than eating. Take a walk, text someone or reward yourself for resisting food without resorting to (you guessed it!) food.

Reset Your Eating Patterns

You don’t have to opt for gluten-free, vegan or any other food group to lose weight. Stave off the pounds and live with long term benefits. It makes sense to cut down on calories that are empty.Foods high in sugar are naturally found in fruits. So, if you are looking for sugary cookies and cakes to sustain you, you get a sugar rush, many calories, but few nutrients. Spend less than 10 percent of your calorific requirement on added sugars.

Be Selective About Carbs

Decide how you want to ingest carbs and how much you want to take in. Look out for foods low on glycemic index, for example, asparagus is lower than potato on glycemic index. It also has lower in carbs for each serving than others. Whole grains offer better choices than processed items, as the latter removes nutrients which are essential, such as iron, fiber and B vitamins. Adding these back as enriched breads including protein is important. This helps to keep up muscles, offering vegan and vegetarian sources which are nutritious too.

Fill Up on Fiber Rich Foods

Filling up on fiber from fruits, vegetables, whole grains is important. Any plant food has fiber and some are more fiber rich than others. Top sources include green peas, broccoli, artichokes, lima beans and lentils. Among fruits berries such as blueberries and raspberries are antioxidant rich.

Eat Often

If one eats 5-6 times in a day, it can stave off hunger at bay. Split calories equally across mini meals or opt for bigger ones. Plan portions so you don’t end up eating more than you planned.

Watch Drinks and Eating Habits

Drinks and EatingMeal replacements are essential. Products can be used to control calories and convenience takes the guesswork out of your diet. Dieting habits need to be changed to keep the weight off and you need to go in for meal replacement instead. Soda, juice or alcohol can be a real problem. Try zero calorie drinks instead. Diet drinks save calories, as opposed to sugary beverages. The plan needs to be in place. Don’t consider solutions like fasting because this can work out to be a way to gain weight, instead of losing it. It is not a long term solution and it works better to have an eating plan that can be stuck to across time and fits into the lifestyle. All fasts are not the same and skipping food is not advisable. Drink water everyday and take in daily multivitamins instead.

Long lasting lifestyle changes like physical activity and healthy eating plans can also be beneficial. If you are not sure where to begin, how many calories to cut down on or do it in a way that ensures safety, consider a registered dietitian.

Eating Whole Single Ingredient Foods

Another thing that can work well is to be healthier and base the diet on single-ingredient whole foods. A lot of added sugar, fat and processed foods can be eliminated in this manner.While most whole foods are naturally satiating, it is essential to stay within healthy calorific limits. Waiting these wholegrain foods also provides the essential nutrients needed to function properly. Weight loss is a natural side effect of eating whole foods.

Don’t Add Too Much Sugar

Eating plenty of sugar can lead to heart disease, cancer and type 2 diabetes, apart from other chronic and lifestyle diseases. Americans eat close to 15 teaspoons of additional sugar in a day. This amount is generally in processed foods, so sugar may be consumed without understanding it.Minimizing sugar intake is a wonderful way to improve the diet.

Drinking Water Helps With Weight Loss

Drinking water helps in losing weight. Close to half a liter of water increases the calories burnt by as much as 25-30 percent for 60 minutes after this. Drinking water prior to meals also leads to reduced calorific intake for older and middle aged individuals. Water is an amazing option for weight loss when other beverages high in sugar and calories are replaced by it. Another healthy beverage is coffee as it is loaded with antioxidants and beneficial compounds. Coffee drinking supports weight loss by raising energy levels and the calories burnt. Decaffeinated coffee boosts the metabolic rate by 3-11 percent and lowers the chance of developing type 2 diabetes by as much as 25 to 50 percent. Black coffee even brings on weight loss, because it triggers satiation with zero calories.

Supplementation Matters

Glucomannan is one of many weight loss pills that works out well. This natural dietary fiber is water soluble and comes from the konjac plant roots, called elephant yam. Glucomannan is low in calorific value, takes up stomach space and delays the evacuation of the stomach. It also prevents protein and fat from being absorbed and feeds gut bacteria that is beneficial.Additionally, it absorbs water and works out well for effective weight loss.

Eat Slowly

If one eats too fast, too many calories are ingested before the body realizes one is full. Faster eaters are likely to gain weight compared to those who eat more slowly. Chewing slowly helps in eating lesser calories and increases production of weight loss hormones.

Add Spice to Meals

Chili peppers and jalapenos contain compound capsaicin that boosts the metabolic rate and increases fat burning. It also reduces appetite and calorie intake.

Choose Probiotics

ProbioticsThis is live bacteria living in the gut which offers a lot of health benefits. This can improve digestive and heart health and even helps with weight loss. Studies show overweight and obese people have different gut bacteria compared to those with normal weight which influence the weight.

Probiotics can also regulate healthy gut bacteria, blocking the absorption of dietary fat, reducing appetite and inflammation. Of all these probiotic bacteria, one known as lactobacillus gasseri shows the most complex impact on weight loss.

Brush Your Teeth

Brushing the teeth or flossing a heavy meal can limit the desire to eat or snack between food or meal times. Most people don’t feel like eating after a brushing session. The zing of a toothpaste can make food taste bad too. If you brush or use mouthwash post eating, grabbing an unnecessary snack may not be desirable.

Fend off Food Cravings

Food cravings include overpowering addiction and brain chemistry changes that make eating certain foods hard to resist. This causes overeating in people and affects a massive percentage of the population, with recent studies finding that close to 20 percent of people fulfilled the criterion for food addiction. Some foods are more likely to cause addiction symptoms than others. This includes processed foods high in fat, sugar or both.

Take on Cardio Exercises

Doing cardio is an important part of the process, whether it is jogging, running, hiking, cycling or power walking. It improves mental and physical health and offers a great way to burn calories. Cardio has also improved risk factors for heart disease, apart from reducing body weight.Cardio also reduces the dangerous belly fat building around organs and causing metabolic diseases.

Taking on Resistance Training

A common side effect of diets is loss of muscle mass. By regularly lifting weights, loss in muscle mass can be prevented. Additionally, you can look and feel better too.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindful eating is a method to raise awareness while eating. It helps in making conscious food choices and developing awareness of satiety and hunger cues. It also helps in being healthy to respond to cues. Mindful eating also has a lot of impact on eating behavior, weight and stress in overweight people. It is useful to ward off binge eating and emotional eating. Making conscious food choices means increasing awareness, listening to the body, and following weight loss naturally and easily.

Changing the Lifestyle

change-in-lifestyle-banana-dietDieting is a factor that needs to be considered carefully. This is because people who diet tend to gain weight across time. Rather than focusing only on losing weight, a primary goal is to nourish the body with food and healthy nutrients. The aim is to become a fitter, happier and healthier person, not just lose weight. Specific small goals can pave the way for losing weight in the long term. No fail jump starts play an important role in bringing back your trim, svelte self.

Building a Better Breakfast

Meals are important and breakfast is where it starts, Best breakfasts are those that fill you up, stave off cravings later in the day and more. The aim should be to consume between 400 to 500 calories for the morning meals and include lean protein and filling fat as well as fiber. Commence the day with blood glucose balancing blend of nutrients for slimming down without worrying.

Prioritize Real, Whole Foods

Making sure one is eating whole foods that are not processed or packaged is important. As salt is a preservative, foods that are high in sodium need to be avoided while planning meals. Ensure the items chosen are fresh to eat and include whole grains, low fat dairy and lean protein, Knowing your limits when it comes to salt, opting for whole grain foods and mild dose of caffeine are just some of the ways to prioritize weight loss.

Try Walking

Exercising at any time works out well. But evening activity is beneficial because people’s metabolic rates slow down towards the close of the day. Around 30 minutes of aerobic activity before dinner raises metabolic rates and keeps it elevated for 2-3 hours. This means one is less likely to go back for seconds or thirds. Relax post a meal instead of focusing on stress induced emotional eating.

Eat Water and Mineral Rich Foods

Drinking plenty of water per day is essential to rid the body of excess sodium. Consuming foods rich in water content is the key here. Reach out for cucumbers, asparagus, watermelon, tomatoes, celery, pineapple, artichokes and cranberries which contain diurectic properties to help people stay full due to higher fiber content. Munching on mineral rich foods like potassium, calcium and magnesium dense items can balance out the salt. Potassium rich goods include leafy greens, orange foods, bananas, tomatoes and cruciferous vegetables like cauliflower. Choose low fat dairy, nuts and seeds to get the best boost. Whole host of additional health benefits are also there such as controlling blood sugar, lowering blood pressure and reducing chronic disease risk.


The perfect diet does not exist, but many of us cannot resist indulging or eating too much. This makes it stressful, difficult and downright impossible to induce weight loss. Treating yourself to around 200 calories is something that can help you to stay on track for a longer period of time. Eat, indulge and breathe to your heart’s content. Food needs to be a source of sustenance, not a means of punishing yourself. The same holds true for exercise. Smart food choices apart, exercising is the key to remaining healthy. So choose carefully and you will be rewarded with safe weight loss results.

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Best Elliptical MachinesThe elliptical trainer is also known as an X trainer or cross trainer. It is a machine which remains motionless and assists those exercising through simulation of walking, hill climbing or running. Though people are used to treadmills, ellipticals are much lighter when it comes to exercising on the joints, and permitting an excellent workout.

Best Elliptical Machines

Benefits of Ellipticals for Home Use

Improving Balance and Mobility

Elliptical machines enhance the sense of coordination and balance, besides adding mobility and helping to regain movement in the hip area post surgeries or medical treatment. Numerous hospitals encourage the use of ellipticals. Based on the extent of injury, the exercise intensity can be adjusted.

Mimic Different Kinds of Exercises

Each elliptical machine offers a wide variation of different exercises. Schwinn 430 permits climbing, walking, running and jogging at different levels of intensity and resistance. The heart rate can be used to monitor speed and advancement. These machines have wireless heart rate control equipment. Best ellipticals adjust exercise intensity based on heart rate and exercise at a level that brings comfort.

Working Out the Entire Body

All parts of the body are well worked out thanks to the elliptical machine. Upper and lower parts of the body are worked out effectively. When an elliptical is used, numerous muscles function at the same time, enhancing bone formation and strength. The ProForm Hybrid Trainer provides sixteen levels of resistance, for example, for a whole body workout. It ensures greater number of calories are burnt within a small period of time. You can stand or sit while trying it out.

Minimum Space is Used

If your apartment is too small for a machine, certain ellipticals such as stamina in motion elliptical trainers are designed to adjust to the corner of the room. The FitDesk is designed to be fitted even under the desk for example.

Multitasking Helps

With multitasking, it becomes easy to read the latest novel or watch interesting shows while exercising. Elliptical machines allow you to work out and multitask at the same time, Better ellipticals even come with additional speaker systems that permit the use of audio files and enable you to listen to music or play music while working out.

Weight Bearing Exercise

Elliptical machines offer the perfect exercise with weights. This works against gravity as ankles, knees and hip joint movements work in tandem with machine movements. Weight bearing exercise helps to boost the bones and wards off osteoporosis. This is a condition where weak and brittle bones ca be warded off.

Aerobic Capacity Rises

The cardio capacity of the body increases. The elliptical used for 25-30 minutes per day, 3-4 times per week, the stamina and cardio capacity will rise. You will also experience more alertness and activity throughout the day.

Easy Maintenance

The elliptical machine offers easy movement and cheap maintenance. The balance between cost and maintenance is maintained with elliptical machines. Minimal impact of movement and less number of moving parts, ensures that your joints remain safe and fast aging is voided. The machine improves your longevity.

Increased Aerobic Capacity

The aerobic capacity is a critical part of fitness. If it is high, activities can be performed for longer time periods without losing breath. It helps to increase aerobic capacity by raising the heart rate and promoting perspiration. Around 30 minutes thrice a week is enough to raise cardio fitness levels.

Low Impact Exercises

A lot of people suffer from joint and bone conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis and tear of the ligaments. The low impact exercise offered by elliptical machines helps to prevent wear and tear of the body. Staying on your feet with zero impact is an excellent exercise option for people of all ages including seniors suffering from knee surgery or obese individuals.

Lower Body Exercise

Elliptical machines use a lot of leg muscles, which are areas that people want to target. For efficient leg workouts, the hands need to be placed on the central handrail and the legs can be used to move pedals. Reversing the direction of the pedals also permits more intense workouts.

Higher Degree of Calorie Burn

Research has found that up to 400 calories can be burnt with just 30 minutes on the elliptical machine, based on the weight. The heavier one is, the more weight burns in the time frame. The workout intensity impacts the calories burnt to influence the amount of energy expended, as you vary the machine resistance or interval train using an elliptical.

Easy for Novices

An elliptical trainer is a simple machine which works more effectively than walking or doing a bike. An elliptical trainer does not require specific skills. If you have a problem with balance, some machines also come with stationary handlebars. The elliptical trainer automatically adjusts to the motion and you don’t even have to think about how to work the machine.

Beating the Bulge

Now, stave off weight gain with elliptical machines to beat the battle of bulge, The amount of weight loss is based on many factors. But in an average thirty minute workout, you can lose up to 400 calories. If you are carrying more weight, it becomes easier to burn more calories. A lot depends on the metabolic rate of your body. The increased stride length of the elliptical beats the usual treadmill. Working harder and burning more calories ensures that better results are possible. Increase the number of calories expanded by opting for resistance flywheels to crank up the intensity of the workout. In addition to working quads and leg muscles, the glutes are also worked out by a cross trainer.

Personalized Fitness Training

Elliptical machines additionally offer adjustability in settings. Increase or lower the resistance of the machine to suit your needs. Also variate between paddling backwards or forwards. Based on the incline, resistance, and direction, you can choose to give yourself a harder or easier workout. The emphasis is on working different muscles. Elliptical machines offer a wide range of workout templates including incline and interval workouts.

Top 5 Best Elliptical Machines Review

#1 Sole E95 Elliptical

#1 Sole E95 Elliptical

Photo By: Amazon

Sole Fitness E95 Elliptical machine is recommended as a best buy for front drive cross trainers. It is enhanced for the 2017 model. The elliptical trainer provides the smoothest ride and provides support for all skill levels. The adjustable 20-22” stride and a massive thirty pound flywheel, 20 resistance and incline levels for targeting muscles and moving arms for a complete body workout are additional advantages. The E95 has a 10.1” console screen and as many as 10 workout programs. It also offers Bluetooth connectivity for the sharing of exercise statistics and use of third party fitness applications such as MyFitnessPal and iHealth.

Bluetooth connection also lets the smartphone or tablet of the user work for connecting as a program monitor. This home based elliptical machine has extra features to enhance motivation and comfort apart from additional accessories such as two cooling fans, a bottle holder, iPod compatibility and secure holders for displaying the tablet computer. This elliptical machine is like other sole ellipticals though it has an 18 to 24” stride. Sole ellipticals are known for fluid motions and a ride that is seamless and smooth. Machine operates well on account of magnetic resistance and excellent construction. An automated incline offers additional resistance and the workout can follow 20 different paths. The incline is an excellent way to target muscles in the glutes and legs. The elliptical machine has a movable arm bar with molded grips for hands. Controlling the machine’s resistance and incline is easy through the use of handles. Stationary handlebars have sensors in them which can sense the pulse. The E95 also comes with a chest strap for wireless heart monitoring.

The pedals on the foot are oversized to permit trainees to reposition for comfort at the time of the workout. Unlike pedals on elliptical trainers, these are cushioned. There is a slight inward slope to reduce the stress on the ankles and knees. This is like other front drive elliptical machines. Users can adjust the pedal’s angles using a dial. The lifetime coverage is for the frame, while there is a 5-year warranty for parts and electronics and two year labor warranty.

Key Specifications

  • This elliptical machine has a 20-22 inch stride
  • It also has a 30-pound flywheel
  • There’s a power adjustable incline and Bluetooth for data sharing
  • Tablet computers also serve as a control center
  • MP3 and speakers can work with this machine
  • It includes a heart rate strap.
  • It has transport wheels.
  • The elliptical machine is not compact or folding
  • It has an incline of 0-20 degrees and a stride length of 20 inches
  • The flywheel has a 27 LBS
  • This elliptical machine has 10 programs and a fan as well
  • The maximum weight capacity it can carry is 400 lbs
  • The dimensions are 82x31x67” in dimensions


  • The Sole E95 matches all skills levels, fits average to above average height people and delivers club quality workouts at a home gym price.
  • It offers a 30 pound heavy magnetic front drive and stride lengths ranging from 20 to 22 inches. It has 20 incline settings and Bluetooth integration as well
  • There are 10 workout programs including custom ones
  • There’s also a 10.1” graphic screen
  • The option is to integrate mobile devices as a workout display
  • With mobile fitness apps, Bluetooth syncing and heart rate control, this elliptical machine offers value
  • It also checks heart rate control and is compatible with wireless for testing the pulse
  • Touch pulse sensors are on stationary handles too along with moving arm bars
  • It is also compatible with port and speakers of MP3 players
  • There’s even a cooling fan and a water bottle holder.
  • It offers excellent customer service and competitive warranty.


  • This elliptical is not useful for those with short strides.
  • It moreover, cannot offer new downloadable workouts
  • Additionally, it is not compact
  • Diverse resistance levels make it tough to manage for those with shorter gait
  • Large frame size of 83 inches in length and 32 inches in width makes it perfect
  • The stride is long for shorter trainees and speakers lack power
  • There are only 10 workout programs

Final Verdict

The Sole E95 has many benefits when it comes to comfortable training. It suits different skill levels and supports entertainment with an MP3 compatible system and a tablet holder. It has a long lifetime warranty for the frame, 5-year parts warranty, 5-year electronics warranty and 2-years labor warranty. For many shoppers, the Sole E95 is a perfect choice. This cost efficient elliptical machine offers 20 angled elliptical paths for a faster weight loss and more muscle definition. The E95 syncs effortlessly with mobile devices and fitness apps too. It’s 10.1” program screen is the largest and features Sole’s best display graphics. The text is easy to read against the background. The monitor has an adjustable angle too.

The E95 has Bluetooth connectivity whereby even a smartphone or tablet can function as a control center. Sole fitness apps let mobile devices set up a workout program, collect exercise information when other apps are running, store long term data and send data to popular fitness apps. Now work with 20 levels of incline and adjust handle-bar/monitor controls or opt for preset programs. The magnetic resistance is centered around a 30 pound flywheel. The Sole E95 is a wonderful asset to trainees at different skill levels. For adding to the calorie burn and toning the upper body, this wonderful machine has moveable handlebars and different postures for gripping. Stationary handlebars are also provided.

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#2 NordicTrack Free Stride FS7i

#2 NordicTrack Free Stride FS7i

Photo By: Amazon

This elliptical is extremely expensive and has good value considering it is a 3-in-1 fitness machine. It has the impact of a treadmill, a stairclimber and a standard elliptical. Long strides can be taken without joint stress. You can even try quick stair steps or anything in between. FreeStride trainers can be a wonderful alternative to treadmills or ellipticals for runners and walkers involved in cross training.


The FS7i pushes beginners and middle level fitness enthusiasts to higher levels.

It has a 20-pound drive, resistance levels of around 24 and a 10-degree incline. The super smooth elliptical alternative is a great way for those who can get cardio training with lower risk of injury. The FS7i comes loaded with 35 workout apps. Each app is designed by a certified personal trainer. The tree main categories are calorie burn, performance and intensity.

The FS7i is also iFit compatible. The iFit members can download new custom tailored workouts each day, using HD video workouts, and Google Maps. The Google Maps workout even uses street views to add authenticity to the workout. The FreeSide trainer adjusts the incline to mimic the actual terrain.

NordicTrack FS7i also has a center drive design which promotes good posture and keeps the footprint of the machine small. The highlight is the 38 inch stride. The adjustable features of the machine deliver the combined impact of stair stepper, treadmill and elliptical. This cross trainer works better than a usual elliptical, with the belt system that replaces metal rails.

The control center is a wonderful looking 7 inch touchscreen with complete color. It shows the high definition video and has an Android web browser. This NordicTrack machine is also iPod compatible and has Intermix Acoustic speakers version 2.0. With stride levels of 38 inches. the FS7i is more than just an elliptical trainer. It is a three in one fitness equipment that exercises your entire body.

Key Specifications

  • This elliptical machine has zero compatible or folding capabilities.
  • It has a stride length of 38 inches
  • It is also 0 to 10 percent adjustable in terms of power
  • The flywheel has a 20 lb weight
  • There are 35 workout apps
  • This elliptical machine also comes with a fan and a 357 lb weight capacity
  • Its dimensions range from 68.4×28.5×62”.
  • It has 24 levels of resistance and a single touch include
  • Pedals are adjustable and oversized
  • The incline ranges from 0-10 degrees
  • The programs are around 35 in number
  • For the HRM, the wireless chest strap is included
  • It also has a 7 inch web enabled color touchscreen
  • It can carry max weight of 375 lbs
  • Its dimensions are 68.4×28.5×62 inches
  • Add-ons include accessory trays, speakers, cooling fans and has a lifetime warranty for its frame
  • It has a 5-year warranty on the parts, and 2-year warranty on labor


  • Center drive FS7i is one of the most dynamic elliptical trainers on the market.
  • It not only has a maximum stride of 38 inches but also a power incline and modern technology to keep trainees motivated
  • It is engineered for excessive smoothness compared to a well made elliptical machine
  • Its easy assembly is an added bonus
  • The SMR silent magnetic resistance is an added advantage
  • This elliptical machine is music friendly with an iPod dock and speakers
  • It exerts a three-in-one effect and has a 10 degree power incline
  • It floats on air design with belts rather than rails
  • It is enabled for iFit
  • It has a 7 inch touchscreen
  • There’s a web browser and center drive design for stability
  • It offers transport wheels for easy mobility
  • iFit enables access to many workouts designed by personal trainers and has the ability to store workout statistics and data
  • It also has a unique suspension design and the lighter flywheel at only 20 pounds.
    Bulkier and less compact, this elliptical machine has non adjustable pedals.


  • Consumers have said that customer service is less than satisfactory
    It is not strong enough for elite trainees or advanced individuals seeking a challenging workout
  • It costs twice as much as standard ellipticals with resistance that is comparable.

Final Verdict

FreeStride trainer is an elliptical unlike any other. It is an appealing option for shoppers with cash in return for versatility and high-tech attributes. With the center drive series, this is the best home use elliptical strainer. Its auto adjustable stride is one of the lowest of any elliptical trainers in the market. With a power adjustable incline of up to 10 degrees, this is a wonderful trainer to target and take the body to higher fitness levels. The OneTouch controls and 0 to 10 degree incline range offer additional range. Pedals are large sized and cushioned for easy use and less impact. Cushioned pedals work using belts for a smooth, natural free.

Console on this trainer is also amazing. The iFit program ensures los of workouts that use Google Maps and customized features for advanced goal tracking. The console has speakers spanning 2 inches and a music port that is iPod compatible. Additionally, there are other features that matter such as heart rate monitoring sensors built into the handlebars, plus a wireless chest strap HRM for hands-free monitoring. This trainer is easy to assemble and offers ease of operations. A costly trainer though, it offers value for money.

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#3 Sole E55

#3 Sole E55

Photo By: Amazon

SOLE E55 elliptical machine is a marvelous piece of equipment that lets people accomplish big workouts with less room. It has a 20-pound drive along with the additional resistance of incline training. It is the ultimate cardio trainer and muscle toning machine for motion that increases mobility and is easy on the joints. The E55 offers a common stride length for commercial ellipticals namely 20 inches for accommodating the nature stride length of most trainees. The E55 and other sole ellipticals offer 10 item workout menus. Each workout controls the elliptical machine’s incline and resistance. The choices are manual mode. The range is across 5 standard elliptical workout programs and two workouts with heart rate control. Additionally, two programs are created and saved by the user/ Trainees can use Sole Fitness app for customized training.


Sole E55 has a power incline with 20 settings. With 20 elliptical paths, people working out can accomplish impressive muscle toning not possible with other trainers. Convenience means the need for incline corns built into moving arm bars. Default control center for workouts is a 9 inch LCD high contrast display. The Sole E55 offers tablet or smartphone monitor capabilities. Bluetooth enables the use of apps for entertainment or multitasking. Export workout stats to compatible fitness apps. The Sole fitness app stores data locally too. The Sole E55 has a console with a tablet holder and ensures adjustability to just the right view. It is also iPod compatible and comes with speakers and an MP3 player port. HRM comes with wireless chest strap and offers contact pulse sensors.

Compact yet capable, the Sole E55 elliptical is suited for those with compact workouts and high standards. This 2017 model has the smallest footprint of a Sole elliptical trainer at 27×71”. It has a high weight capacity of 375 pounds. It comes with the best performance components for home ellipticals and digital upgrade for 2017.

It includes an improved and enhanced display screen. The angle is adjustable. There’s a Bluetooth connection apart from excellent ergonomics from the pedals to the arm bars. The E55 has music speakers and comes with a secure tablet holder. It also has a water bottle holder and personal cooling fans. Sole elliptical E55 offers a 20 levels of incline up to 20 degrees. The automated incline ensures machines are targeted for efficient muscle toning. Elliptical machines sans inclines are just not as easy.

Key features of the E55 are the 20-pound flywheel and a natural feeling 20” stride. This makes the machine perfect for novices and moderately fit individuals. Advanced athletes would prefer those with robust flywheels such as Sole E95. Sole ellipticals for the 2017 model comes with a 10-item menu. This elliptical includes user designed workout, manual mode and preset workouts based on heart health, rapid calorific burn and muscle toning. The default display screen has a high contrast and the console can be titled to optimal viewing angle. With Bluetooth, the table tor smartphone can also function as a control center of the machine.
Sole Fitness app works with Android and iOS and this app can also store data associated with MyFitnessPal and iHealth.

Key Specifications

  • This elliptical machine is not compact or folding.
  • It has an incline of 0 to 20 levels
  • Stride length is 20 inches and flywheel is 17 lbs
  • There is a 10 program capacity
  • Elliptical machine offers a fan
  • Weight capacity is 375 lbs
  • Dimensions range from 71x27x64”.
  • Resistance type is Eddy Current Braking
  • Pedals are cushioned and adjustable
  • 2 user profiles can be stored here
  • Heart rate is measured using pulse grips and chest belt
  • There’s a 9 inch LCD display
  • Max weight is around 375 lbs
  • This machine has an accessory tray, speakers, cooling fans.
  • The elliptical machine has a lifetime warranty for the frame, 5-year warranty for parts and electronics
  • There is additionally a 2 year at home labor warranty


  • The 20 inch stride supports a natural gait
  • There’s a 20 pound flywheel as well
  • The elliptical machine has a power adjustable incline
  • It also saves workouts designed by users
  • It offers Bluetooth connectivity
  • It also has a secure tablet holder and is audio friendly, with an MP3 port and speakers
  • Wireless heart rate transmitter is also included
  • It has a small and compact footprint of 27×71 inches
  • A handle and transport wheels are created for easy repositioning and storage too
  • Key performance specifications include a 20-pound flywheel, a 20 inch stride and an incline offering ergonomic elliptical paths
  • Each incline setting helps recruit different muscle fibers in the body perfect for muscle sculpting
  • Upper body training is supported by moving arm bars
  • This light, commercial quality elliptical machine has a competitive home warranty
  • It has a natural 20-inch stride.
  • It also offers smooth performance with a silent magnetic resistance
  • It also offers 10 workout programs and a heart rate control
  • It is compatible with wireless chest straps
  • It also has a 9 inch data screen and Bluetooth connection for data syncing and tablet integration
  • It has a tablet holder and is iPod compatible
  • There are extras like accessory tray, cooling fans and excellent customer support


  • It cannot download fresh workouts
  • Stride length is not currently adjustable
  • Fixed strides are not suited for short gaited individuals
  • Speakers lack power
  • The limit is to a 10 workout program

Final Verdict

Sole E55 offers lifetime warranty for the frame and long periods of guarantee for parts and electronics as well as labor. Sole provides in-home services for all repairs. Sole E55 is an elliptical that comes at an affordable price.

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#4 Sole E98

#4 Sole E98

Photo By: Amazon

This is a smooth motion elliptical machine. With its 34-pound flywheel, the E98 is the smoothest elliptical trainer and has 20 resistance settings to accommodate different skill levels.


The E98 Light Commercial elliptical machine has a 10.1” screen and high contrast display as well as an adjustable angle. The device also has Bluetooth integration which lets users employ devices like smartphones and tablets as program monitors. The Sole Fitness App has a mobile device connecting to E98 to set up programs, collect exercise info while other apps run and send data to popular fitness apps. The power incline is a top feature. It offers 20 settings up to 20 degrees Strides can adjust to different target muscles and create more intense workouts. Extra calorific burn and upper body toning is assured with this Sole elliptical which has moving handlebars. The E98 light commercial has handlebars that are padded and offer different grip positions. Upper body workouts are assured. Stationary handlebars are also in place. These contact heart rate sensors along with the wireless telemetry. The Sole E98 has the best flywheel for smooth resistance and incline for workout boosts.

Durable trainer is iPod compatible, displaying a tablet computer and offers Bluetooth integration.

Key Specifications

  • There are 20 levels of resistance and each resistance type is Eddy Current Braking
  • Stride length is 20 inches and pedals are cushioned and articulated
  • Incline is the power incline type
  • The flywheel is 30 lbs in weight
  • The programs are 10 in number and the elliptical has 2 user profiles
  • Heart rate has Pulse Grips and Chest Strap
  • It supports max weight of 400 lbs
  • The dimensions 70x32x84”
  • Accessory tray, speakers, cooling fans offer additional strength
  • Home use warranty aside, this elliptical machine offers ergonomics and efficient muscle building
  • It also has 20 incline settings for boosting the workout
  • Bluetooth integration, connectivity, console with MP3 player and secure shelf for tablet computers


  • This elliptical machine comes with 20 inch stride with articulating and cushioned pedals
  • It has a 34-pound flywheel
  • It also has a 10 workout program set including customized functionalities 
It has a 10.1 inch graphic screen
  • It has an option to integrate mobile devices as a workout display
  • Bluetooth connection comes with Sole Fitness app
  • Heart rate control and wireless pulse compatible
  • Touch pulse sensors on stationary handles offer additional benefits
  • There’re moving arm bars
  • Compatible with MP3 players, speakers and ports
  • It has cooling fans and a water bottle holder


  • The stride does not exceed 20 inches
  • New workouts cannot be downloaded
  • This elliptical machine is not a space saver.

Final Verdict

Sole E98 Light Commercial is the top of the line cross trainer. It supports three hours of training in a day, and offers a smooth performance. Bluetooth fitness tracking and heart rate controlled workouts are added advantages. This machine comes with residential and light commercial warranties. It is the best bargain for home use.

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#5 Nautilus E614

#5 Nautilus E614

Photo By: Amazon


The Nautilus E614 elliptical is associated with cutting edge innovation when it comes to equipment, exercise and quality. This wonderful elliptical is new to the market and combines the most amazing technology and design. This elliptical machine features a dual track LCD monitor with a massive display and small secondary display. Dual displays offer multitasking benefits. Stable and durable, this elliptical machine combines a 300 lb weight capacity with a 10 year warranty on the frame. The Nautilus E614 elliptical is associated with wonderful features in the price range. You can also access a media tray with charging capabilities and a computer that permits exercise information to track workout performance.


  • This elliptical machine has a 63.2 x26.7 x 71.5 inches dimension
  • It also has a 20 precision path stride for movement that is natural
  • High speed, high inertia driven system with a perimeter weighted flywheel ensures easy startups and consistent workouts.
  • The large foot pads fit users
  • There’s a 6-position incline for additional intensity
  • 20 level eddy current magnetic resistance offers a wide range of workout intensity options
  • There’s also DualTrack LCD displays
  • In console speakers offer MP3 input port and USB media charging
  • There’s a media shelf which holds books, tablets, etc
  • Adjustable three speed fan helps in cooling off
  • There are 22 programs, 8 of which involve controlled heart rates. Additionally, there are 9 profile, 2 custom and fitness and 1 quick start program
  • Transport wheels are also in place
  • Additionally, the maximum user weight capacity is 300 lbs
  • Workout data includes distance, level, time, revolutions per minute, heart rate and calories
  • Natilus offers a 10 year warranty on the frame and shopping and assembly ease through a well illustrated manual


  • When it comes to brands, Nautilus is reputed and has been around since the 1980s
  • Apart from a credible reputation, this elliptical machine is also a modern piece of equipment
  • It offers stability and durability with users approaching 300 pounds in weight
  • During even the most intense workouts, its permitter-weighted flywheel keeps the machine well balanced
  • The E614 also comes with a 10 year warranty on the frame.
  • Additionally, this elliptical has 12 pre-set workout routines at the mere push of a button.
  • Download workout data using MyFitnessPal and Nautilus Connect.
  • It also has features like the new split console which makes fitness tracking easy
  • It comes with a dual LCD window system with 13 different display feedbacks
  • It also has 29 inbuilt programs and 12 course profiles as well as 4 user settings.
  • This Nautilus elliptical is comfortable and delivers a challenging workout where you can ride forward, reverse and with arms, legs or a combination of both
  • Its body frame design is suited for those who want a solid platform for working out
  • It comes with in built transport that permits easy movement.
  • Apart from this, it has advanced specs


  • The styling has been criticized, with some users saying they haven’t got the styling right, as the water bottle is not intuitively placed.
  • Six levels of incline on the E614 are manually adjusted. For this reason, the workout has to be stopped in to make the adjustments.

Final Verdict

The Nautilus E614 Elliptical machine is worth the cash. You can get the quality you want and a credible brand like Nautilus which offers excellent workouts. It has a wonderful warranty system and high end features, making it the perfect purchase.

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How to Use An Elliptical Machine

  • The best machines are those which provide comfortable yet advanced workouts and enable you to multitask at the same time
  • As there are many moving parts, ellipticals require lubricating from time to time- shrill sounds, squeaks or non responsive buttons need to be looked into
  • Wiping the elliptical is important because sweat cords the machine and lowers its longevity
  • It is important to wear appropriate clothes while working out on an elliptical. Wear well fitting clothes that don’t get caught in the handle or running shoes for a comfortable grip
  • It is essential to focus on handling the elliptical efficiently when it comes to programming, handling and monitoring
  • The light grip is essential and pedals should remain in the natural position while starting out
  • Proper posture is also important
  • Modern elliptical machines have a lot of features and you need comfort levels that are high to take the machine to its fullest advantage

How to Buy The Best Elliptical Machines for Home Use?

  • An elliptical machine is an excellent investment. But you need to be clear about the features that make up this machine. Stability is the key factor. It is crucial because during the workout, you should be able to concentrate on the machine well. A heavier elliptical is stable, while light machines may move easily and cause a problem. Indoor ellipticals have a flywheel to ensure smoothness of motion and prevents jarring, jerky workouts.
  • Tension resistance is another factor to consider. With greater number of resistance levels, the challenge of the workout can be more incrementally increased.
    Lower increments of resistance levels means the force has to be used to advance the workout. Fan wheel resistance is generally found in budget machines and provides a smooth ride. But when it comes to quiet and consistent workouts, nothing beats magnetic resistance
  • Additionally, some elliptical machines come with computers. These are an added bonus
  • Display should be easy to read and backlighting is an additional plus point
  • Data provided includes stride speed, time of session and heart rate. Elliptical trainers feature the capability to update data to external devices for tracking or monitoring
  • Workout options are geared towards weight loss, cardio and intervals and computers should be able to help in this with pre programmed workouts.
    Incline adjustment is the ability to change the degree of the incline and it forms the core of the elliptical machine
  • Easy to use power incline controls are suited as opposed to manual incline adjustments.
  • Elliptical stride varies from one machine to another. For some users, a 15” stride may work. Others may need a 20” stride.
  • Adjustable foot pedals ensure a natural stride motion and avoidance of injury.
  • Hybrid trainers are also there
  • Other considerations which need to be taken into account include fans, ease of assembly and transportation wheels,
  • Power supply, step on height, water bottle holder, speaker with inputs, table holder, audio enabled USB ports are just some of the additional extras the elliptical machine offers.
  • Full body workout including lower body is another factor to consider.
  • Adjustable stride length and incline offer additional benefits
  • Multi-Grip handle bars and silent operations are also important.
  • Wireless HRM, comfort, portability, connectivity and data sharing matter too
  • A Bluetooth enabled elliptical works to create the perfect integration.

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